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Every wonderfully bad boy needs a wickedly good girl…

Turns out Colton Brody sucks at resisting temptation. But you know what they say: if you can’t be good, be good at being bad.

After all, as long as he and Olivia keep their sex-capades a secret from their family and friends, no one will get hurt.

Colton is going to devote his last two weeks in Lover’s Leap to pleasuring Olivia until she doesn’t have a single pair of panties he hasn’t ripped off her curvy body. What better way to say goodbye to his hometown than with an epic sex fest with the hottest, sexiest woman he’s ever known, even if she does happen to be his best friend?

But when friends-with-benefits becomes something more, an unexpected heart is caught in the crossfire.

When did hooking up get so hard?

So very, very…hard

Warning: The Bad Boy’s Seduction is book two in the Bedding the Bad Boy series and should be read after book one. It is a serial romance that ends in a cliffhanger. Formerly published as Good Girl Vs. Bad Boy by Jessie Evans.

March 11
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

JLKeniston ,

When will they give in??

As its been said, it starts right where it left off in Bad Boy's Temptation. Colton and Olivia are in a tough position denying their true feelings for each other. When Colton's brother, Tucker, told him he could see the love in him Colton was surprised. Olivia is trying so hard not to fall any further in love with Colton because she doesn't want to get hurt or lose her best friend and her family, Colton's family that is. Daisy is Colton's sister. They only have a short time left before Colton leaves again. Can't wait to see where the last book takes them! I am enjoying this series! On to read The Bad Boy's Redemption!

Szmoromou ,

It's Heating Up

The chemistry is heating up in The Bad Boy's Seduction. Colton and Olivia's attraction is off the hook. Neither can deny that they want each other, but Colton is fighting it. He thinks that Olivia is too sweet and pure to get mixed up with him. Little does he know, the good girls are the ones that are the wildest. Colton finally gives into Olivia's advances and he finds that it isn't going to be as simple as friends with benefits. Olivia is so much more. His feelings towards Olivia are stronger than he expected, more than he wants or needs since he is leaving. He even finds himself getting angry with Olivia's easy going attitude towards their relationship. Little does he know that she is feeling so much more. Olivia is trying not to take what Colton says to heart, she doesn't want to be disappointed once again by a man. However, neither can stop what they are feeling, but too scared to admit it to each other.
I love Colton and Olivia's playful relationship. She has the right amount of innocence mixed with sexiness and Colton's dirty mouth. I can't wait to see what Lili and Jessie have in store for these two in book 3.

Heather L.C. ,

More Olivia and Colton ❤️

4.5 Stars

This series is getting better and better. I love watching a couple fall for each other when they both are fighting it!

Olivia is trying to get everything ready to reopen her sisters shop. She isn't looking for a long term man. She may have always wanted Colton, but she knows he doesn't do commitment. Can she protect her heart?

Colton has never been a man that's been into long term relationships. He is a sham bam thank you ma'am guy. So why is he having trouble with Olivia wanting to keep things casual? Can he keep things casual? Or is his heart going to claim hers?

This is a great serial so far. Can't wait to read the last book in this serial!!!

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