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The complete Bedding the Bad Boy series!

Sometimes the only decent thing to do is block your own c*ck…

Former Marine Colton Brody is trouble with a capital T. One night with him and good girls go bad. Real bad. 

But he’s not going to let sweet, quirky Olivia Page end up another name on his hit it and quit it list. His little sister’s best friend is off limits, even if her killer curves inspire an endless supply of wicked fantasy fodder.

With only a few weeks until he leaves town, this bad boy is determined to resist temptation. But then innocent Olivia makes him a not-so-innocent proposal.

Matter of fact, it’s a f*cking indecent proposal.

And now Colton can’t think about anything but giving it to sweet Olivia in every filthy way he’s been imagining, devoting himself to pleasuring her until she doesn’t have a single pair of panties he hasn’t ripped off her curvy body. 

What better way to say goodbye to his hometown than with an epic sex fest with the hottest, sexiest woman he’s ever known? But when friends-with-benefits becomes something more, an unexpected heart is caught in the crossfire, leaving Colton wondering when love got so hard. 

So very, very…hard.

Note: The Bad Boy's Temptation Trilogy was previously published as Good Girl Vs. Bad Boy.

June 7
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Szmoromou ,

Bad Boy Colton

You can't get better than Lili Valente and Jessie Evans collaborating in The Bad Boy's Temptation. Olivia is back in town for a new start. The last person she thought she was going to run into is her childhood crush and best friend's brother, Colton. Colton is everything that Olivia remembers and more. After being discharged from the Marines, Colton's one and only focus is to get back into that life. He isn't looking for anything or anyone, No distractions. That is until SHE comes stumbling into his life. All he can think is about HER. Olivia is tired of playing safe, she is ready to go for what she wants. She wants Colton. When she offers pleasure with no strings attached Colton is caught off guard. When did Olivia become so bold? Will Colton take Olivia up on her offer?

The chemistry is heating up in The Bad Boy's Seduction. Colton and Olivia's attraction is off the hook. Neither can deny that they want each other, but Colton is fighting it. He thinks that Olivia is too sweet and pure to get mixed up with him. Little does he know, the good girls are the ones that are the wildest. Colton finally gives into Olivia's advances and he finds that it isn't going to be as simple as friends with benefits. Olivia is so much more. His feelings towards Olivia are stronger than he expected, more than he wants or needs since he is leaving. He even finds himself getting angry with Olivia's easy going attitude towards their relationship. Little does he know that she is feeling so much more. Olivia is trying not to take what Colton says to heart, she doesn't want to be disappointed once again by a man. However, neither can stop what they are feeling, but too scared to admit it to each other. I love Colton and Olivia's playful relationship. She has the right amount of innocence mixed with sexiness and Colton's dirty mouth.

The Bad Boy's Redemption is the final book in the Bedding The Bad Boy Series. Colton and Olivia have been hooking up and enjoying each other. During this time they both started to develop deep feelings for one another, and they finally admit it to each other. Colton however is holding onto a secret, a secret that can destroy what he built with Olivia . Before Olivia, all Colton wanted was to get back into the Marines. But now he is torn on what to do because he knows what he has with Olivia is a once in a lifetime. Olivia has finally let down all of her walls and is ready to give herself 100% to Colton. Will the secret that Colton is keeping destroy Olivia? Will Colton and Olivia have their happily ever after?
I am a die hard fan of falling for your best friend's brother and Lili Valente and Jessie Evans knocked it out of the park. Colton and Olivia's relationship was so sweet and refreshing but also steamy and hot! Loved watching Colton's sweet and sensitive side, and Olivia's hot. sexy, kitten side. They each balanced each other perfectly and I couldn't get enough of these two.

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