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Right from the start, you will feel the power of sexuality, scandal, romance, and the heat of passion, upon reading this book! As you will find many books out there, in the romance section, it is a fact that you will not feel anything nearly as intense, as what you are about to read here.

As he is a very busy Business owner, Liam struggles to find enough time, in order to sexually satisfy his wife, Serena. Being Liam's assistant and employee, while knowing very well that he is a married man, Kathy can no longer take what she has been feeling for Liam, over the time they have worked together. Kathy considered herself very lucky to be hired by her boss, who she also thinks is possibly the sexiest man in the world, and she yearns to eventually live out her sexual fantasies with him. As Kathy works with Liam every single day, she cannot help how wet she gets, in the moments she envisions herself bent over her desk, while Liam slams his hard, long, and throbbing cock, in and out of her cleanly shaven pussy.

There is only one, major problem that Kathy is experiencing, and she must find a way to keep things as quiet as possible, being that Liam is still married to his wife. Will Kathy get to make her fantasies, actual realities? Will she get to fuck Liam, as she has only imagined while working with him? And if Kathy does end up f*****g Liam's brains out, will his wife find out? Open this book, and find out!

Fiction & Literature
February 12
Asuncion Urbon
Smashwords, Inc.

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