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Note to Self --Do NOT bang your best guy friend in the limo on the way to the swanky Vegas hotel.

I give myself very good advice. Too bad I suck at taking it.

If only Colin and I hadn't drunk so much whiskey, if only I'd kept that red bikini in my suitcase, if only his evil ex-girlfriend hadn't come sniffing around making me feel territorial and protective.

Not that my bad boy rock star best friend is any help. Walking around looking ridiculously sexy, telling me I'm perfect in that panty-melting voice of his when we both swore we’d never do anything to put our friendship at risk. And Colin never breaks a promise.

But then, he has no idea I’ve secretly been in love with him for years. 

I guess I should just enjoy the ride, but I can’t stop thinking about what happens when this vacation ends and I head home alone, nursing one hell of a bangover…

October 3
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Susanmcqusie ,

Friends with benefits RomCom

This is a fun, steamy RomCom. Lili Valente brings her usual humor to a new series. Kirby and Colin have been best friends since High School. Colin is now a rock star and Kirby is a best selling Fantasy/paranormal book author. Colin is trying to write songs for his next album, but has writers block, so he has decided to be celibate until he finishes his songs. Problem is, he and Kirby get a bit tipsy, and Kirby suggests that they add some benefits to their friendship. When she wakes up in first class on a plane to Vegas, she has second thoughts about the Friends One Week Bangapalooza. Colin makes some very persuasive arguments,and Kirby agrees. Throw in crazy stalkers/exes, and you have an enjoyable start to a new series.

AudioAgal16 ,

Hilarious & Hot with Twists & Turns

I'm not sure I could love this book more. I have SO many highlights!!!

There's no waiting. This story jumps RIGHT into the heat. LOVE it. These two are best friends, and I think it's always been a dream of mine for best friends to suddenly turn lovers. And it is SO hot.

My favorite part? Might be Murder, the cat. Who doesn't bring a cat to Vegas with them?

There are twists at every turn in this book. Exes and craziness. And a bit of suspense! Kirby is a bad@ss.

The world-building and character development are ON point. This book is hilarious and steamy and suspenseful all in one. If I could pick a story to be the heroine of, this would be it. The ending is absolute perfection, as well. Highly recommend!

Singing Secretary ,

Entertaining and fun rom-com

The Bangover, the latest release from Lili Valente, is a fast-paced friends to lovers romance. Ms. Valente once again proves her unquestionable knack for delivering comedy, suspense and romance all wrapped into one deliciously entertaining story. As their tale unfolds, you immediately feel the connection shared between Colin and Kirby. As we follow them through their adventure including crazy ex’s, a possessive and jealous cat as well as fun side characters, Ms. Valente delivers another fun rom-com filled with laughs and some uh-oh moments that will make you giggle and entertain you right to the end.

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