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Dear diary...and anyone else who will listen:

Tonight, I met the man of my dreams.



Whoever said living in California was glamorous and easy-going lied through their f*****g teeth. I guess I can blame reality TV for that pervasive B.S. Maybe it was good thing my old man banned television at home for all the years he was alive, after all. I probably would’ve been even more deluded than I was when I’d moved up here from Arkansas three months ago.

Looking back, I’m not even sure why I did it; why, of all the places I could’ve chosen to start a new life, I picked Los Angeles: one of the most expensive places in the world to live. I don’t even know anyone one here. Heck, I’d never even visited the city before my move.

Still, I’m determined to make it here, to make something of myself. And that means I have no time for distractions of any kind—especially guys.

But then, he comes along; the sexiest, strongest, most handsome, most intimidating, and most powerful man I’ve ever seen.

He’s absolutely gorgeous, with eyes that seem to burn right through my soul and the most charming smile in existence, and his allure, his entire being, is simply magnetic.

He’s impossibly beautiful and just…ugh, perfect. He’s perfect. He’s everything every woman—and possibly quite a few men—wants, including me.

What I’m not prepared for, though, is how much he wants me, too.

However, there are three problems.

One: He’s not a man.

Two: I can only see him in my dreams.

And three: He commands an army of soul reapers.

And, apparently, that’s just the beginning…


Immerse yourself in the SECOND thrilling installment of Eme Strife's addictive, sexy, enchanting, and surreal series. Each page will leave you even more enthralled than the last, on the edge of your seat, and vigorously chomping at the bit for more.

This series unfolds over several volumes. IT IS NOT A STANDALONE.

Rated 18+

This series contains graphic sexual content, violence, and strong language. Because of its explicit nature, it is intended for mature audiences only. Reader discretion is advised.

April 22
(Eme)nded Publishing
Eme Strife

Customer Reviews

dope._.figure ,

Annoying but good story line

As I got through the second book I realized that I’m going to get super annoyed with this author. You can tell the story itself is good but the way she breaks the books apart at random parts of the book it makes me not want to read the series. When you read the description and how many pages there are going to be it makes you think there are going to be a lot of pages but in reality they all end barely 150 pages. In all it just seems like a way to get money and not for people to really enjoy the book. But like I said it’s a good story line and if you want to pay all that money to FINALLY get the full story go ahead🤷🏾‍♀️

AmandaH12344 ,

The Basilisk’s Creed

The book is well written but not worth the money. Each book is too short and they definitely should have been combined into maybe three books. The story line is good.

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