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Beauty and the Beastly Billionaire . . .

Eli Crane is one tough bastard. After an explosion left him injured and honorably discharged from the Marines, all he wants is to be left alone. Yet his brothers insist he take a greater role in the family business. They've hired him ten personal assistants-and Eli sent each one packing as fast as possible. But when beautiful number eleven walks through the door, Eli will do anything to make her stay.

Isabella Sawyer's employment agency can't afford to lose Eli Crane's business. Her plan: to personally take on the role of his PA, and secure her reputation with the wealthy elite in Chicago. But this beauty and her hot billionaire bad boy soon find themselves mixing business with pleasure in the most delicious ways. And passionate, stubborn Isabella won't rest until she tames this wicked beast . . .

February 28
Grand Central Publishing
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Lynn B888 ,


4 1/2 STARS!

Another awesome Crane brother! I have loved this entire series and just can't fathom that it's over ... can't we find a long lost sibling somewhere? :) The characters are great, the family connection is so heartwarming, and the chemistry is off the charts! There was some weakness in the plot in that he really had too easy of a transition back into real life with no PTSD, etc. other than a little survivor's guilt, but overall it was a great book!

Former Marine Elijah Crane is not adjusting well to being home. He worked hard to heal after the injury that ended his military career, and now he just wants people to leave him alone. He does NOT want to take on a roll in the family business no matter how much his brother's continue to harass him about it. They keep sending one personal assistant after another to his home office to try to get him doing work and he keeps running them off ... until she walks in the door ...

Isabella Sawyer's employment agency is soon going to get a bad reputation for all of the assistant's the Crane's are going through, so she decides to take matters into her own hands and shows up herself as the next assistant for Eli. Her no nonsense attitude catches his attention immediately and soon he doesn't want her to leave! They end up being good for each other and their passion is mega hot ... but can it lead to anything real?

gbrieger3 ,

Great Book

This is the third book in the Billionaire Bad Boy series and each book is a stand-alone. It is the first book I have read by Jessica Lemmon and I enjoyed it so much I now want to read the first two books in the series.

This story is about Elijah Crane, a man devastated by war and trying to come to terms with his new life after being in the military. Now that he is no longer in the Marines, Elijah’s family insists he work for Crane hotels, the family business. Elijah grudgingly takes the job and vents his frustrations on his personal assistants.

Isabella is trying to establish her personal assistant company, Sable Concierge, but Elijah keeps scaring off everyone she sends to work for him. Isabella can't fail and lose the Crane account, so she decides to become Elijah’s personal assistant. Elijah tries to run Isabella off but his surly attitude doesn't bother her. Isabella is gutsy and self assured and even though Elijah continually tries to fire her, she does not let him intimidate her. Elijah has met his match when he meets Isabella.

Underneath all Elijah’s gruffness, there is a sensitive and likable guy. All he wants is to be left alone but his meddling family is constantly interfering and
bothering him. Elijah is attracted to Isabella but he is dealing with so many issues, he is afraid to take a chance with her. He is no longer the self assured playboy he was before he fought in the Middle East. I liked Elijah once I got to know him. He has a bad attitude but it is easy to feel sorry for him and understand his feelings. Elijah has a closed heart and it isn't easy for him to open up and let isabella in. He is afraid of commitment and uncommunicative and Isabella has to decide if she is willing to wait around for him to decide what he wants. Elijah and Isabella have a lot of chemistry and are good for each other and I was rooting for them to work things out.

Not only did I enjoy the two main characters, this story also has some entertaining secondary characters. The Cranes have a good time together and there is a lot of good natured bantering between them. They are funny and love to give Elijah a hard time but they are also there when he needs them. THE BASTARD BILLIONAIRE is smoothly written with funny lines and interesting characters.

I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review for Netgalley and Cocktails and Books.

jensreadingo ,

If you love broody heroes, then Eli is perfect for you!

Eli is most definitely surly, trying to chase everyone away so he can be alone. He never counted on Isabella coming in and turning his world upside down. She is the perfect match for him, always pushing and challenging him, and not taking his crap. The chemistry is off the charts as soon as they meet, and even though they give in to the attraction, Eli cannot or will not offer Isabella more than a physical relationship. Unfortunately, Isabella wants more than Eli can offer, and after previously being in a loveless relationship, she knows she deserves it. I loved the slight Beauty and the Beast theme going on and that they both grew and changed throughout the book. If you love broody heroes, then Eli is perfect for you! I've really liked this series and was especially looking forward to Eli's book - I was not disappointed!
4.5 stars

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. I was not compensated for this review, all conclusions are my own.

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