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Presenting an exciting new way to experience the rich history of the Dark Knight in an affordable trade paperback collection of every Batman adventure, in color, in chronological order! BATMAN CHRONICLES VOL. 1 reprints Batman stories from DETECTIVE COMICS #27-37 and BATMAN #1, featuring the earliest adventures of the Dark Knight by Batman creator Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Gardner Fox, Jerry Robinson and Sheldon Moldoff. Future volumes in this series reprint stories from DETECTIVE COMICS, BATMAN, WORLD'S FINEST and other titles throughout the character's history, all presented chronologically based on publication date!

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April 2
DC Comics
DC Comics.

Customer Reviews

Norad Givles ,

Golden Age DC goodness turns digital, at last!

Bravo, DC, for bringing your gold mine of classic comics to digital! I have held off on purchasing the paper versions of these great titles, waiting for a day such as this when I can finally build a digital collection.
This only scratches the surface, but it is a start. I am looking forward to Superman, Shazam!, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman...and hopefully the complete All Star Comics series ala your All Star Comics Archives!
Of course, let's not forget all the great silver and bronze-age titles! I am ready for Justice League, All Star Squadron, etc., and I know I am not alone.
Thank you, DC!

Bat-Excellence ,

It doesn't matter who created this character

There's argument whether Bob Kane or Bill Finger created the Caped Crusader. I give credit to both of them. Kane came up with the design of character and was asked if he wanted make a character the same genre as Superman (my favorite superhero). Bill Finger wrote the first story, so I think they both created him. But I think Jerry Robinson came up the idea for the Joker, the greatest super villain in comic book history.
R.I.P Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the creators of the superhero we all know and love.

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