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She doesn’t laugh. He can’t be serious. How will they ever work together?

County librarian Harris Winsted can’t believe she lost her leading man. No. What she really can’t believe is that her friends think Harris’s childhood nemesis, Turbo Baxter, might be able to play the part. Even if it is just a small production to raise money for a hospital library, Turbo’s class-clown personality makes him a disastrous choice.

However opening night is three short weeks away. Left with Turbo as her only option, she can only hope he suddenly develops a brain, decorum and a big boil on his handsome face, because when the guy decides to be charming, he is irresistible. But the attraction stops there. She could never be with a man who professes his hatred of libraries and laughs about never reading a book.

Turbo Baxter always knew the harmless pranks he’d pulled over the years might catch up to him, but he never expected his brothers, and their wives, would seek revenge by blackmailing him. But, without another choice, he agrees to their terms: one stuffy librarian’s play in exchange for free repairs to his rig. He’s ready to get back on the road and away from books, libraries, and, most of all, beautiful librarians who are in desperate need of a good laugh.

Can two opposites overcome their differences and fall in love?

His joking nature masks a dark secret. Will she turn away if he trusts her with the one thing that could make her hate him?

Fiction & Literature
August 21
Jessie Gussman
Martha Wagner

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