The Bayern Agenda

The Galactic Cold War, Book I

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Publisher Description

A new Cold War threatens the galaxy, in this fast-paced and wisecracking thriller of spies and subterfuge.

Simon Kovalic, top intelligence operative for the Commonwealth of Independent Systems, is on the frontline of the burgeoning Cold War with the aggressive Illyrican Empire. He barely escapes his latest mission with a broken arm, and vital intel which points to the Empire cozying up to the Bayern Corporation: a planet-sized bank. There’s no time to waste, but with Kovalic out of action, his undercover team is handed over to his ex-wife, Lt Commander Natalie Taylor. When Kovalic’s boss is tipped off that the Imperium are ready and waiting, it’s up to the wounded spy to rescue his team and complete the mission before they’re all caught and executed.

File Under: Science Fiction [ Friendly Faces | Traitor, Pilot, Banker, Spy | Embassy Games | Going in Hot ]

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 5
Watkins Media
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

charlie knuckles ,

What a Book!

Wow, what a pleasant surprise. Don’t know how I discovered it but am super glad I did . Great story, tight plot, unique characters and interesting technologies. Can’t wait for the next one, hope he writes 10 more

Ogre Magus ,

A sneaky page turner: you’re wrapped up in the story before you know it

The author is in the top tier of technology information and reviews. He has established credibility for not just years but decades.

To my pleasant surprise, he is now establishing credibility as a science-fiction author. This story did not necessarily blow me away at first, but before I knew it I was wrapped up and wanting to keep turning pages. It’s sneaky that way in that you don’t even realize how far along in the book you’ve come, but you can’t put it down.

The book has clever twists: I didn’t see a big one coming, but it did make sense—in retrospect Moren had properly planted the seeds that led to the sudden change. So much better than books with lesser writing which pluck something random that had no foundation.

This author is worth trying out. Give it several chapters, not just a couple. You might find yourself halfway through the book before you know it.

E430doug ,

This is not a science fiction book

Imagine that you came across the manuscript for a Cold War military adventure written in 1975. You decide to turn it into a science fiction book by loading it into your favorite word processor and doing a find/replace on certain words (e.g. hover car for helicopter). That is this book. This book leans heavily on the cliches and stereotypes in any Tom Clancy book. There is no attempt at exploring interesting ideas that are unique to a futuristic setting.

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