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Ava and Michelle are knee deep in The Overlord's hell. Ava is now his personal sex slave and Michelle is being given a special cocktail every morning that makes her uncontrollably horny, she's already got a reputation for being one of the nastiest slaves the dungeon has ever held. The Overlord is getting more and more rough with Ava's human body. Sensing her impending doom she devises a plan to escape the castle of sexual horrors, if only she can survive long enough to see it to fruition.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

He stood abruptly and pulled Ava with him. They slipped through a door, which Ava had mistaken as a closet, and Ava found themselves in a private elevator. The elevator opened to the Monster’s Lair.


“Yes?” he asked, his eyes wild with sexual excitement.

“Who do you want to f**k me?”

“Not who, cucciola mia, but what.”

A small part of Ava felt alarm at f*****g a monster, but then her desire overtook her and she greedily grasped The Overlord’s arm, wanting him to bring her to her beast as soon as possible.

“Clear out!” The Overlord barked at the gawking guards and they scurried out of the lair, leaving only Ava and The Overlord.

“I’m going to watch you be f****d and once I’ve had my fill, I’m going to take you for myself.”

Ava moaned desperately, the ache between her legs becoming too much for her to bear.

The Overlord paced up and down the cages, trying to determine which beast he would let out to have it’s way with Ava. The terrible monsters screamed and groaned and those who could speak shouted out with their wild lust. Finally The Overlord stopped before a cage and smiled a wicked grin.

“Oh yes, my sweet human, I’ve found the beast for you.”

He opened the cage and let the door swing open wide. A large, giant beast came lumbering out. He was about ten feet tall and he was covered in grayish-brown skin. He had little neck, and what he did have was thick with ridges as it curved into a thick and monstrous head that resembled a gorilla. He had a large hooded forehead, with beady deep-set eyes and two slits for a nose. His mouth was non-descript with yellow teeth.

Ava watched as the monster’s thick legs carried him across the floor and he was beside her in a few strides.

Fiction & Literature
October 30
Bree Bellucci
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