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Time is running out for Ava and Michele, they won't survive much longer as sex slaves in The Overlord's dungeons. With the help of some of the guards, Ava has developed a plan to escape the night of the Ball. Ava can't let The Overlord get suspicious, she will have to do anything he desires. He's getting even more hungry for her body, and soon he is going to want to take her tight virgin back door. What price will she have to pay in order to escape his sexual prison?

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

The Overlord stood and beckoned for Ava to follow him.

She stood up and smoothed her blonde pigtails.

“That hairstyle is driving me mad,” he groaned and Ava smiled coyly. The Overlord had let it slip the other day that part of the appeal of American women was their wholesome good looks and their hair in plaits. Ava looked liked she had stepped out of an old-school mid-western advertisement, with her blond pigtails, blue eyes, freckles and pretty face. Not to mention her tight, curvy body.

The Overlord licked his lips. “Call me Master today.”

“Yes,” she paused, “Master.”

The Overlord visibly winced from his arousal and he picked Ava up like a baby doll and carried her back to the bed. He tossed her onto the bed and straddled her, his thick gray thighs powerfully holding her down.

Ava gasped from being rendered immobile, and she felt her chest rise and fall with an alarming speed as molten desire slithered through her body. The Overlord brought his large hands to her hair, and gently fingered her pigtails, caressing her soft strands and closing his eyes to focus his lust. His hands moved further down to her shoulders and along her bare arms. Ava shivered at the possibility of their afternoon together. She no longer felt fearful and instead was excited about how The Overlord would soon possess her body.

Still his hands traveled further south, rolling over her breasts and down her trim stomach. Ava moaned softly, biting her lip as she endured the sweet assault of her master.

“Yes, Master,” she whispered, “touch me.”

The Overlord groaned, moving his hands to her bare thighs and squeezing tightly before he began sliding his hands up and down her legs.

“I love being between your thighs, my sweet girl.”

Ava whimpered in response, arching her back and pressing her hips forward. She didn’t want to be teased today.

As if he had read her mind, The Overlord moved his hand along the line of her underwear until he was grazing her buttocks.

“But this is what I want,” he breathed, his fingers pushing against her fleshy skin.

“Take it. I’m ready.”

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November 8
Bree Bellucci
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