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Nearly every time you step outside, put something in your mouth, or apply something to your skin, you are exposing your body to toxins. And although the human body can usually eliminate most of these poisons, it can become overloaded, leading to fatigue, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, rashes, and serious diseases such as cancer. 

The Beauty Detox Diet provides you with the resources you need to kick the toxin habit once and for all, leaving you feeling and looking better than you have in ages. With the simple and effective cleansing techniques and recipes in this book, you will quickly feel the difference in your skin, hair, nails, and with every step you take, all while looking younger and healthier. 

With the The Beauty Detox Diet, you’ll:

♣ Feed your body clean with 75 sumptuous, pure, and easy-to-make recipes. 
♣ Find out if now’s the time to cleanse by taking the Detox Quiz. 
♣ Breathe, massage, and exercise your way to a toxin-free life. 
♣ Learn about common toxins and foods that naturally detoxify your body versus those that poison you. 
♣ Lose weight while feeling great.

Whether you’ve tried cleansing before or you’re attempting it for the first time, The Beauty Detox Diet has everything you need to get clean and feel right.

July 29
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Customer Reviews

MReams1 ,

Indulge While You Detox

If you are ready to reduce stress, lose weight, improve digestion, sleep restfully, clear up your acne, and rev up your energy level, the Beauty Detox Diet is the book for you. This comprehensive guide not only lists the toxins to avoid in your diet and in your environment, it also describes how to un-do and prevent damage through exercise and eating right. Packed with recipes for every meal of the day, the book shows you how to eat toxin free without feeling deprived. Some of the many scrumptious, indulgent recipes include: Chocolate Cupcakes, Cinnamon Grilled Peaches, Banana-Coconut Flour Pancakes, Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins, Hazelnut Cocoa Fudge, and Coconut Stuffed Dates. Recipes for fruit and veggie packed soups and salads also abound. For a summer soup, try the Tomato Gazpacho; for a fall or winter soup, the Roasted Potato-Leek Soup is super satisfying. Change your diet and change your life with this must-have book.

RBF2004 ,

Excellent Resource and Delicious Recipes

The Beauty Detox Diet is an excellent resource for anyone looking to detoxify your body and clan up your diet. It's incredible how many different ways we expose our bodies to toxins on a daily basis and don't even know it. This book explains very clearly how you can detoxify through exercise and good nutrition and the recipes provided are amazingly good. I highly recommend this book!

MzCDF24 ,

Good Information about Detoxing to a healthy living

I have seen many solutions to detox the body but this Beauty Detox book is far way the best. I liked the way it provided information on how toxins affect the body inside and out. It gives a complete meaning of the way food, your surroundings and your lifestyle has a big factor on your body. I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking to have clear skin, losing weight or doing a cleanse to produce a healthy digestion system.

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