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Humans often don't really think about bees much. We often assume they are just born, they work, then they die, living relatively uneventful lives. In his first, hilarious, tongue-in-cheek literary offering, we are offered a unique glimpse into the world of bees and The Bee Society by an odd little bee named Georgie.

In his narrative, "my life as a bee", Georgie reveals the inside story of what it's like to bee a honeybee. As a graduate of London's prestigious Bee Academy, Class of '87, where he studied Inter-Species Communication, Georgie guides adults and children alike through a most unexpected journey into the life and times of the Hive. We not only get the chance to meet his friends and to find out that bees play as much as they work, but he tries his best to send the message that Bees and Humans may not bee all that different from one another, after all. And what's his message to Humans? Let's all be nice and just try to coexist as happily as we can. We need one another, after all.

Richly illustrated and told in a voice that is certain to lighten anyone's day, Georgie's book offers readers an opportunity to look at the world with fresh eyes, offering a brief and humourous escape from what is too often the drudgery of day-to-day Human existence. Georgie not only lets us know that Human Society and The Bee Society may not be as different from one another as we may believe. He lets us know that Humans aren't the only creatures on Earth who grapple with interpersonal relationships or who have to deal with earning a living, reminding us that all work and no play can make us "dull bees". 

Destined to beecome a classic appealing to young and old readers alike, "my life as a bee" introduces us to The Bee Society and sets the stage for Georgie's future writings. We are left craving more of his musings and eagerly anticipating more of his "unbeelievable" tales.

Fiction & Literature
September 24
The Bee Society Press, LLC
Hillcrest Publishing Group, Inc.

Customer Reviews

BookScout3 ,


I hope people discover this book! It's hilarious! Leaves you with a big smile on my face and wanting more.

manitou guy ,

The first book in a series

This is the first, introductory book in a upcoming series, based on the daily Facebook postings of Georgie Bee / The Bee Society. It introduces the reader to both Georgie and The Bee Society. Categorized as “juvenile literature”, it holds appeal for readers aged 12-100+. Also available in paperback.

Richard L Rhodes II ,

The Best

I love this book and adore the posts on FB…… This is a great book for all ages, and Georgie is one hilarious Bee, with all of his antics…… A marvelous read!!!!!!!!

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