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Once upon a time, in a parallel universe, there existed the continent of Triton. The land was filled with beauty, but it was also splintered by war. Out of the chaos grew a conspiracy to reawaken the Beast, a fearsome creature who wrought only tragedy and devastation. The only way to stop him was to fulfill an ancient prophecy: Triton’s four strongest warriors must wed its four most powerful witches, binding all nations together and finally bringing peace to the land.

This is the story of their unions: the quiet maiden Silence and the savage king Mars. The cold warrior Cassius and the fiery witch Elena. The steadfast soldier True and the banished beauty Farah. And the pirate king Aramus and the mysterious queen Ha-Lah. Their unions will not be easy, but each couple must succeed, for the fate of their world is at stake….

July 7
Kristen Ashley
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Customer Reviews

Aylewysis ,

The title says it all

I’m still fairly new to Kristen Ashley. To date, I’ve read maybe a third of her books. That said, this is the first fantasy/paranormal series I’ve read of hers. And I admit, I didn’t start this series until all books were available.

I found this book harder to get into at the beginning because there are so many characters introduced, the lay of the lands and preliminary story building. It really wasn’t until about halfway through that you begin to have romance I’ve found with the KA books I’ve read so far. But, keep in mind, you are dealing with 4 couples (couples just starting a relationship) who will need to learn to work together to achieve an ultimate end goal. That said, everything is needed in this book.

I’m loving the main 8 characters; Mars and Silence, True and Farah, Cassius and Elena & Aramus and Ha-Lah. But I’m not a fan of a few other characters. I’m also eager to see their relationships develop. This is more of a serial, books must be read in order. In fact, the last chapter in The Beginning of Everything is chapter 35, book 2, The Plan Commences, starts with chapter 36. I’m eager to see where this whole story is going. Diving into book 2 now!

bananawilde ,

Good story, bad writing

The first book sets up nicely, but the writing throughout the series is confusing and rambling quite often. The relationships of the four couples are also very similar with each man being extremely domaneering under the guise of being “protective.” The story was good but the writing and alpha male stereotype take away from it.

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