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The day starts like any other, venturing into spider-bear territory to rescue Bennie’s sister.

Turns out there’s a lot of space that the Peacekeepers don’t go near, go figure spider-bear territory is on that list.

And that’s just the start of their adventure. Things get interesting, quick!

By interesting, I mean horrifying of course.

Their old friend Xarrix calls with a job. A job that sounds straightforward and easy. That should have been their first clue. With nothing else on their plates, the crew of the Ghost finds themselves in a sector of space deemed “untamable” by the Galactic Commonwealth, working with a warlord with some pretty big plans. That should have been the second clue.

Too bad none of the crew are detectives.

Learning from his past dealings with the crew of the Ghost, Xarrix assigns one of his own to stay aboard the Ghost to keep an eye on the crew and make sure they behave themselves as if that was possible.

What’s worse is it’s someone the team knows and don’t particularly like.

And then there are the space battles and grilled cheese.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 24
Rogue Publishing
Rogue Publishing Ltd

Customer Reviews

Echo5Lan ,


Just finished books 2&3. Both of them were great reads. Love the camaraderie and comedy between the crew. Both stories were very intriguing and entertaining. Looking forward to book 5.

Powerplants110 ,

These books have sparked my interest in reading

I can’t convey the appreciation I have for John and these stories he’s created. I’m not much of a reader but I can’t seem to turn from my screen once I’ve opened these books. I hope you continue to create stories and I hope more people will support your efforts.

loveballssucks ,

Space Rogues 3, The Behemoth Job

Loved it as much as the first two. Good story, amazing characters! Lots of funny dialog. Fun pop culture earth reference. Two thumbs way up.

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