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COURAGE, FEAR, LOVE, LOSS and INTRIGUE – a riveting mix of action and emotion. Three stunning World War II thrillers in one.

In Pursuit of Platinum– As the Germans invade Paris in 1940, American Ben Peters smuggles a fortune in platinum out of the city in the legendary Bullion Bentley. But the Bentley is carrying an even more valuable human cargo, a mysterious Frenchwoman escaping with her young son and a secret that could change the course of the Second World War. Hitler wants Alena silenced; her son brought back to Berlin; and the Banque de France’s platinum. As they flee, they experience the tragic realities of war and the raw emotions of two heroes living on the edge of fear. And not everything is as it seems.

Paradise Gold America faces its biggest threat as Nazi U-boats dominate the Atlantic from their base in the Caribbean. And the US government enlist the help of the Mafia to snatch the biggest prize of World War II from the Germans. Caught between ruthless Nazis and Mafia assassins, only American agent Ben Peters knows the Nazis’ terrifying plans for America. First, he has to deal with two beautiful and dangerous women who will do anything to achieve their goals.

The Girl with the Silver Stiletto A stiletto is the ultimate murder weapon, but will Natalie use it to kill a child to save her own life? At the end of World War II, she is given an ultimatum. Execute the boy or die. Her only alternative is to hand him over to the Nazis. Why do the Nazis want the boy and who is he? As the action races across three continents, from London to New York to California to Buenos Aires, only American agent Ben Peters stands alone against evil and his former lover.

Fiction & Literature
July 8
Principium Press
V A C Robbie

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