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Join award-winning photographer Christopher Ward on an epic fifteen-day adventure to see the best of Iceland. Christopher’s images and videos capture the color and vast beauty of the country with detailed GPS locations and tips to make the most of your trip. It’s an art book, travel journal, and passport to your own adventure. Enjoy Iceland!

Travel & Adventure
June 26
Gem Book Publishers
Award Agency LLC

Customer Reviews

Kim Litle ,

Simply Amazing

I have been to Iceland, but this book captures all that I saw and so much more. It is gorgeous and informative. It hits all the highlights and not to miss places, but also the hidden gems that are what Iceland is all about. It could be the horses on the side of the road or an isolated waterfall or beach. You will be inspired to drop everything and just go. It is unike anywhere else on earth and the book captures this perfectly. Enjoy!!

Tinkerword ,

Adventure of a lifetime, without leaving your seat

Visiting Iceland has been in my bucket list for several years and I have a trip planned in 3 months. I knew it was going to be amazing because my son had been there twice and shared his professional photos with me. I was sold. Yet when I followed the adventure Chris vulnerably shared I wondered why I waited so long. This ebook is so captivating that I was riveted - squeezing another page in between clients, staying up way past my bedtime to follow the next experience, so vividly portrayed, through living photos and animated words AND some videos that jumped out at me. I felt wet near the waterfalls, freezing in the cold water, worried when the car broke down, touched as the "Sheep Whisperer” wove his magic and humored when the horses connected with him as their new Cherry bar friend. Almost exhausted from vicariously living in the 15 days of Icelandic travel, I need to recuperate from this book trip before I go. A must read if you are going to Iceland, debating about going or want an adventure of a lifetime, without leaving your seat.

Katie Schickel ,

Travel. Explore. Wander.

If Iceland wasn’t on your radar before, it will be after this book! A beautiful glimpse into a photographer’s 15-day trek through some of the most dramatic terrain on earth. From glaciers to barren plains, from wild horses to a wedding party beneath a waterfall, the photos are breathtaking. The accompanying text puts the images into a narrative that speaks to my adventurous soul. Iceland just moved a few notches up my bucket list!

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