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Martial Arts Instructors! Karate Teachers! MMA Coaches!

Are you thinking about starting a martial arts school?

Do you wonder if you could really start and run a successful martial arts school?

Curious about what it REALLY takes to start and run a profitable martial arts studio?

For years Small Dojo Big Profits author Mike Massie has been quietly coaching prospective martial arts school owners on how to start a school successfully while avoiding the deadly mistakes most small business owners make.

Much of this coaching is centered around applying the top 20% of martial arts business management skills that will provide you with 80% of your success in business.

Now, in this new book, The Best of Starting a Martial Arts School: What You Really Need to Know Before You Start a Martial Arts School, he reveals vital information that will help you identify just what those skills are... this is absolutely essential information that you MUST know before you open a martial arts school.

Here's just a small sample of what you'll discover when you read "The Best of Starting a Martial Arts School":

* The "martial arts business basics" that are the key to your success... find out what they are and how to apply them!

* Discover the essential steps you must take to grow your school from zero to 150 students or more...

* Find out the 7 Habits of Successful Martial Arts School Owners!

* Revealed: Your daily method of operation in running a martial arts school, and why it's so crucial to your success...

* How to run a low-stress martial arts school...

* How to implement systems so your martial arts school runs like clockwork...

* How to manage your time so you focus only on those essential tasks that will make you the most money!

* How big is TOO big?

* The "dead simple" enrollment procedure that beats the big school methods hands down...

* How to become a "hunter" instead of a "lazy grazer"... so you can gobble up your competition, even when times are tough!

"The Best of Starting a Martial Arts School" is written and compiled from an archive of exclusive essays and articles that up till now have only been available to my private coaching clients...

But now you can find out what you need to know before you start your martial arts school, so you can understand how to plan your school and run it the "Small Dojo Big Profits" way from the get-go.

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April 9
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