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Learn Things About the Catholic Church You Have Never Heard Before!

Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy is a welcome visitor to parishes across the United States every Sunday through his parish subscription based What We Believe... Why We Believe It bulletin inserts. Using humor, immutable truth, great storytelling and ignoring political correctness, Joe Sixpack helps the average Catholic in the pew better know and understand our holy and ancient faith in a way that is refreshing, awe-inspiring, and makes readers chest-pounding proud to be Catholic… and readers love it! Look at what they are saying.

The gospel letters, though written thousands of years ago, are supposed to draw me closer to God. They, for the most part, don't. You do. YOUR words are more effective in reaching me. I know, for the most part, what the apostles have said. I'm looking for someone who can relate it to today. I have a greater chance of returning back to the flock with what you do.Robert M

Please accept my sincere thanks for the extraordinary work you are doing to shed light on and share the truth of the Catholic faith. Your strength is the comprehensive and faithful exposition of the faith in language "Joe Sixpack" can appreciate and embrace. You are sharing an amazingly rich gift with others and I pray that your audience continues to grow. —Fr. Willy Raymond, President

Holy Cross Family Ministries

Catechesis is the missing element of our Catholic renewal.  Joe knows!  Listen to him!—Chuck K

Joe Sixpack is a well-trained and faithful consecrated Marian Catechist. I enthusiastically endorse Joe Sixpack's "What We Believe ... Why We Believe It" as an innovative means of helping parish priests promote the doctrinal and moral literacy of their parishioners. —Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

Through the What We Believe... Why We Believe It bulletin inserts, the JoeSixpackAnswers website and free weekly webinars, Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy is building a huge following of fired-up Catholics who know and understand the faith… then pass it on to others in our society who so badly need it.

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