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The Bewitched Continuum is a fun insider’s look at the classic television show’s overall continuity that will have you appreciating Samantha, Darrin, and their circle of impish witches and manic mortals in a whole new way.

Adam-Michael James zaps up the same magnifying glass he uses on scripts for Hollywood studios and his columns at soapcentral.com to explore the consistencies and inconsistencies of Bewitched, comparing and contrasting all 254 episodes like never before. The only book to focus solely on the supernatural sitcom’s fictional elements, The Bewitched Continuum delves into burning questions like: How come witches can use their powers in the past in some episodes but not in others? Can witches undo one another’s spells, or not? The result is a definitive reference guide that is entertaining, perceptive, and always respectful.

In addition to stunning photos and overviews for all eight seasons, this magical manual reveals how many times Endora called Darrin “Durwood” and who was afflicted with which witchy illness, not to mention offers an exclusive peek at one idea for the series finale Bewitched never had. Whether hardcore fan or discovering the show for the first time, The Bewitched Continuum casts a spell you won’t soon forget!

“When does the fan of a TV series who never saw an episode until after the series ended know more detail than the producers who made the series? When the fan is Adam-Michael James and the series is Bewitched! The Bewitched Continuum dissects every one of the 254 Bewitched episodes to provide you with insights even we didn’t realize - a great companion for every Bewitched fan on the 50th anniversary of one of America’s most beloved TV series.”

- Richard Michaels, Director (54 episodes) and Associate Producer (161 episodes), Bewitched

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October 28
Bright Horse Publishing
Michael Rietzel

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