The Big 5: Discovering the Five Foundations Every Christian Should Know! The Big 5: Discovering the Five Foundations Every Christian Should Know!

The Big 5: Discovering the Five Foundations Every Christian Should Know‪!‬

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Imagine being part of a wholly transformed body of Christ that truly reflects the character of God to the world!

What if God’s people weren’t tossed to and fro with every wind of the devil’s deceit and every wave of secular culture, but instead stood firm on the foundation of sound, biblical doctrine? This can only happen if Christians understand and construct their spiritual lives on The Big 5 foundational doctrines of the faith.

Dr. Daniel Gilbert is an international speaker, theologian, ministry consultant, and writer. Passionate about the transforming power of God to help people enter into a deeper relationship with their Creator, Dr. Gilbert wrote The Big 5 so that every Christian can discover—or re-discover—the enduring biblical doctrines and foundational principles on which believers of all backgrounds can base their lives.

In this book, you’ll learn about five core beliefs: 

Sola scriptura: how Scripture is the entirely trustworthy Word of God, which provides us with essential knowledge of God’s character and how He designed us to live

Solus Christus: how Jesus Christ is our Lord, not a liar or a lunatic, and the only real path to life

Sola gratia: how grace, the single escape route from spiritual death, is God’s gift to all

Sola fide: how committing our lives to Christ through faith leads us to do good works, but it’s faith not works that leads to salvation

Soli deo gloria: how bringing glory to God in all things is our ultimate purpose and gives meaning to our daily lives

—PLUS bonus workbook sections are included to help you reflect on each of these Big 5 of our faith!

Free yourself from human-inspired ideas and habits that sound or feel good, and instead let the foundational truths of Christ’s teaching transform you. Pick up your copy of The Big 5 today and become part of the new reformation the church needs now more than ever!

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