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The Big Fat Fit is a guide to the concept of Flexible Dieting Lifestyle.

This means, eating pizzas, burgers, desserts in moderation, indulging in alcohol even and still losing weight or staying jacked. All you need is an open mind, a penchant for analytical thinking about food, self-care and fitness.

As a person who lost more than half of his body weight today, enduring a 51kilo weight loss journey, the authorís experience involved little sacrifice.

This book takes away the powers from the trainers, dieticians and WhatsApp forwards of the world that define the term ìobscurityî and hands the power to you. It destroys the notions of physical torture and abstinence from food.

Life is meant to live fully, refraining from eating tasty, exciting foods and creating war zone exercise environments to reach our next fitness goal is unsustainable.

A passion project that he started outside of work called TheBigFatFit - an educative YouTube Channel and a now a Book that has affected scores of lives. All of this was inspired by a riveting fat to fit body transformation. Having worked in a related industry for a while, the author lives, breathes, talks and walks food, but in a very different way. The book was written as an extension of TheBigFatFit channel that has since developed into a community of people focused on new age approaches to fundamental nutrition and training concepts. ìFor those who want to look good, feel good in their skin and attain freedom from diets and workouts, this literature is for youî he says.

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February 2
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