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Let a top hedge fund manager, Columbia business school professor, former Fortune 500 chairman and New York Times bestselling author take you on a journey that will reveal the Big Secret for both individual and professional investors.

Based on path-breaking new research, find out how anyone can beat the market, the index funds and the experts by following a new approach that relies on the principles of value investing, common sense and quantitative discipline. Along the way, learn where "value" comes from, how markets work, and what really happens on Wall Street. By journey's end, small investors (and even not-so-small investors) will have found their way to some excellent new investment choices.

Business & Personal Finance
April 12
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Tisunov ,

Please fix the ebook, crashes iBooks

Book is informative and much more approachable than earlier books. But please fix the ebook as it crashes iBooks app on iPad and iPhone if I try to change the font size and iBooks starts to enumerates pages.

Plewinsky1985 ,

The big secret

I like it for how easy the information is to digest for an average reader, but the majority of the book just tells readers what to avoid. For its price point ($1.99) it's a great buy; similar to "The Poor Man's Achilles Heel" By A. Russell. I recommend The Big Secret for people who want investment guidance, and Lazy Money - The Poor Man's Achilles Heel for people who want to REALLY understand how money can be manipulated to grow wealth; get them both for under $5!

Chad NY ,

Not worth your time

Joel's other book "The Little Book That Beats The Market" was an excellent read and I would highly recommend it to anyone. This book was an enormous disappointment. He basically spends all but the last chapter explaining the various reasons why most investment strategies fail. Then in a few brief comments at the end recommends a handful of ETFs that should do modestly better. That's it. If you're already familiar with the concepts in his previous book, then you will get very little from this one.

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