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"That trip was insanely wowwer than wow; it was the Big Wow! And I mean BIG! Mind-blowingly BIG! My body sang with celestial wonderment as supernova chakra electrified every atom of my core!"

Based on a true story, "The Big Wow" is about an American psychonaut who plunges into the psychedelic realm of DMT and has the trippindicular experience of a lifetime!

If you’ve never heard of DMT or Dimethyltryptamine, it’s an intense mind-altering drug that causes powerful hallucinations and sometimes near-death illusions. DMT does occur naturally in many species of plants and animals including humans. It’s a key ingredient in ayahuasca, a psychoactive brew used by shamans in the Amazon to gain spiritual insight. In addition, DMT may play a role in REM sleep and may be released when we die to ease our pain, but the jury is still out on what exactly this drug does in our bodies.

Warning: DMT is an incredibly powerful drug! According to some experts, it can trigger schizophrenia, OCD and PTSD. If you have mental problems or your family has a history of mental problems, do not take DMT! If you are curious about DMT, please read up on it and check out some of the links at the end of this story.

Reviewer Feedback
--That's one hell of a trip indeed.
--This is GOLD if you ask me! It's very well written and takes the reader along on the trip.
--I enjoyed every word, I have only ever experimented with plants, but these realizations are the deepest and bestest and most important knowledge of the whole universe!
--I feel like I took this trip with you man, sounds pretty amazing.
--Excellent story my man. DMT is in my opinion the most beautiful molecule in the world. Science even thinks that it unravels the "junk DNA" like a sort of key, and that this is the reason that all humans experience the trip in a same manner. The thing that all humans have alike is that they have DNA. After a trip you just KNOW there is more between "heaven and earth". The "reality" where we live in, is not "real" at all it is just the way our brain processes it. Ps. If you extract the DMT the correct way, and if you vape it correctly, there is no smell or taste. The plastic taste described everywhere is because of incorrect use. Forums on the internet can be kind of misleading in this topic in my opinion, people simply don't seem to know how to proper do it.
--Wow! That was well done! It was like you brought us on your trip with you. Great use of imagery and words: "Mind blown"
--Oh my god, this whole story was a psychedelic trip. I can hardly imagine how much time and effort you spend for this masterpiece, a 1000 thumbs up.
--Giving you a big thumb's up...I too have experienced the heavenly language you speak of and life really isn't the same afterwards.
--Wow! that was an amazing trip! I tried DMT in Guatemala 2 years ago and I can also say it’s not something you should take for fun. It's a tool to connect this reality with other realities.

Fiction & Literature
June 27
Hillel Groovatti
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