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When Hanna Lowrey is stranded outside the small Ozark town of Whisper Lake, the fresh start she so desperately needs is pulled a little further out of reach. Her faithful truck let her down, she's about to lose the only decent job she could find before she even starts it, and the jealous, user ex-boyfriend she left behind in Cincinnati promised he'd find her if she ran. It feels like every bad decision she's made over the past few years is nipping at her heels, no matter how fast or far she runs.

To make matters worse, she's convinced that the handsome, charming stranger who offers her a ride into town is just one more bad choice waiting to turn into disaster.

When Nate Grace finds the young, stranded woman on the side of the road in the rain, his rescue instincts kick in hard and fast. He's always been a sucker for a hard luck story, and the drenched damsel in distress seems to have the worst luck he's seen in a while. Still, there's something about the woman he can't stop thinking about, despite his best efforts.

Bad luck may have tossed them together, but in a short amount of time Hanna ignites Nate’s blood like no one else ever has. He's determined to keep her close no matter what it takes or what his meddling family thinks. Only he knows his deepest desires and the dreams he has for his future, and a woman who compels his every waking thought doesn't pass through their little town every day.

Whatever it takes, he is going to make her his.

As much as Hanna wants Nate, she's too smart to ignore that she's made too many mistakes in her life—especially when it comes to men. She's barely holding things together as it is, and she's not sure if she should trust herself enough to take the biggest risk yet—one that has the power to destroy her completely….

November 9
Silver Script Media, LLC
Silver Linings Media, LLC

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