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Some quizzes will tell you what your inner Pokemon or perfect Hogwarts House is. Wouldn’t you rather have a Billionaire Book Boyfriend instead?

Take The Billionaire Quiz, a new book concept from Blair Babylon. Inside, you’ll answer a few fun multiple-choice questions (How do you like it? How many ways do you like it? Just how naughty are you?), and the quiz will match you to your very own billionaire book boyfriend and a book about him, just for you!

And then, when you’re in a different mood, take the quiz again because life’s too short for just one billionaire book boyfriend.

Which Billionaire Book Boyfriend will be your match?

Wulf von Hannover – the original sapphire-eyed, blond Billionaire in Disguise, who runs the Devilhouse nightclub and has a royal secret that even he’s hiding from. Probably the most refined and cosmopolitan of the billionaire boyfriends, he also kind of rules the world, but quietly.

Casimir van Amsberg – popular, tattooed, and ripped entertainment attorney to the stars with a thousand celebrity friends (and exs,) but with emerald-green eyes only for you.

Arthur Finch-Hatten, Lord Severn – the hard-partying, British Earl of Severn with an MI-6 secret. Born with silver eyes and a silver spoon in his mouth, this Englishman likes to keep pets. He has a very badly behaved puppy, too.

Theo Valencia – This tall County District Attorney is on his way up in politics. Way, way up. His hobbies include boxing and sheltering you from the bad guys chasing you. Also, if you squint at his four-poster bed, you can see where the ropes go.

Alexandre, Duke de Valentinois – a towering European nobleman and a rock star. Don’t let his sane, refined persona fool you. He’s neither of those. Probably the most dangerous billionaire in the world. Might have killed a man when he was a teenager.

Raphael Mirabaud – Goes by another name, for now, but he’s handy with every weapon ever made. When the going gets rough, this tall, Swiss bodyguard will jump in front of the woman he loves, take the bullet, and shoot the assailant.

Mathonwy, Duke Draco – six feet, six inches of burly muscle and golden-eyed competence, when he’s in his human form. A billionaire book boyfriend for readers who truly want to walk on the wild side and fly there, too.

Maxence Grimaldi – This tall, lean, dark-eyed royal is hiding a thousand secrets. If you’re matched with him, you’ll discover one.

March 5
Malachite Publishing LLC
Malachite Publishing

Customer Reviews

StephanieRV ,

Another hit for Blair Babylon!

This is The Billionaire Quiz: A Choose Your Own Billionaire Adventure book written by Blair Babylon.
This is a great new concept for an interactive book! By picking a few of the multiple choice answers you are placed in the story of your own choosing. Its fun to see which one you get by just changing your answer a little! Don't miss finding the man of your dreams...even if they are dirty dreams!

Beccalove93 ,

Not a choose your own adventure book!

I was really excited because I had some choose your own adventure books as a child and I had loved them. This is not that. It is a fun marketing strategy, but I am incredibly disappointed.

Readnread ,

Fun approach

What an interesting approach to an ebook! Take a quiz and get matched with one of Blair Babylon’s hot heroes! Then read a sample of his story. Take the quiz again and get matched with another. (If your mood has you giving different answers, that is😏). Doesn’t matter to me which hero I read. They are all HOT, a bit flawed and finally head over heels over a lucky woman. (But in case you’re wondering, I paired first with Lord Arthur Finch-Hatten)

This is my honest review of this advance reader copy and I have not been compensated in any way

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