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A sizzling romance collection from USA Today bestselling author Lila Monroe, containing The Billionaire Bargain and The Billionaire Secret. Perfect for fans of Lauren Blakely, Sophie Kinsella, and Christina Lauren!

Sexy Australian billionaire Grant Devlin is ruining my life. He exercises shirtless in his office, is notorious for his lunchtime hook-ups, he even yawns sexily. If I didn't need this job so bad, I'd take his black Amex and tell him where to swipe it. 

He doesn't even know I exist, but why would he? He jets off to Paris with supermodels, I spend Friday nights with Netflix and a chunk of Pepperidge Farm frozen cake—waiting for his call. Because every time he crashes his yacht, or blows $500k on a single roulette spin in Monte Carlo, I’m the PR girl who has to clean up his mess. 

But this time, it’s going to take more than just a fat charity donation. This time, the whole company is on the line. He needs to show investors that he’s settling down, and Step #1 is pretending to date a nice, stable girl until people forget about what happened with the Playboy Bunnies backstage at the Oscars. 

My plan is perfect, except for one thing: 

He picks me.

The Billionaire Series:

1. The Billionaire Bargain

2. The Billionaire Secret

3. The Billionaire Game

4. The Billionaire Prize

5. Billionaire with a Twist

6. Billionaire on the Rocks


"It had me hooked and laughing from the first page!!! I just can't tell you how much I loved it. It was a wonderful, funny, passionate read!" Paige, Give Me Books

"Holy hot Aussie billionaire romance! The Billionaire Bargain is raw, funny, witty, entertaining, and steamy. Grant Devlin, is a playboy CEO billionaire of Devlin Media Corp or as I like to say: sex on a stick...more like one hot tall blonde Aussie candy-coated stick!" Karen, Bookalicious Babes Blog

"I really like this book. A Lot. Like a lot a lot. Lacey is one awesome chick and I love her. I fell in love with her in the first few pages of the book and then fell harder when she said Exactly What Was On Her Mind to Grant. I adore her." Heather, OwMyshelf

December 21
Lila Monroe Books
AAHM, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Carol Martina ,

Very entertaining!

Loved the dialogue... very witty, and had me laughing out loud. Quite a few editorial errors which were distracting, such as wrong words, missing words, places where the sentence started then midway restarted again or went in a different direction. Made me have to stop to try to figure out what it was supposed to be saying. As I said, it was distracting. Otherwise, good book.

xemobearx ,


So many inconsistencies. Skip the book and save your time

Jennyca1974@gmail ,

Easy read but bad jokes

Some of the jokes were slightly humorous. However they went on and on and were boring and was like watching a comedian suffering on stage trying too hard to get the audience to laugh. Cut out most of the bad jokes and the story would be much better.

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