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Everything was going wrong for Ellie Branson - first she was banished to the kitchen by her social-climbing step-mother and two husband-hunting step-sisters.

Then she found herself face to face with billionaire Jack Martin, the same heartless venture capitalist who'd doused cold water on her dream of opening her own restaurant. Ellie thought the nightmare would never end, but Jack made her an offer she couldn't refuse and surprise! The billionaire fell for the beautiful woman in his kitchen. As for Ellie, she got the man, the money and her restaurant too.

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July 13
Carol Grace
Carol Culver

Customer Reviews

ClaudiaS1234 ,

A bit cheesy.

The story is a bit cheesy. Classic Cinderella story set in modern day. There are quite a few grammatical errors. They kind of bug me. It was an OK read. Entertaining at times. If you are looking for a short read and a classic cheesy story then you might like it.

Carol Martina ,

The Billionaire's Bride

Really badly edited... lots of grammar and spelling errors. Not a whole lot of romance. Two "dates" and a couple of kisses. Mostly a couple of people denying or trying to talk themselves out of feelings, then "presto" they are engaged.

Maw1124 ,

Simple but poorly written romance story

This should have been an easy read with its basic Cinderella plot line, however, this book needed to be edited! This book had so many grammatical errors and words that didn't make sense that it took to long to get through simple passages in this book. I also found that the transitions between the characters point of view was very awkward. I can't describe the amount of my surprise that the author was a former ESL teacher and has written 35 novels. I seriously thought this was a freshman effort by the way it was written. If this book was self-published, I would implore this author to invest in an editing service, because you need it!

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