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Nina Monroe thought her arrangement with Lucas Kane would not be too complicated, weird as it was. And yet here they were fighting about jewelry that he wanted to give and she couldn't possibly accept.

And now she found herself doing publicity, posing as his glamorous girlfriend, while he looked on, angry and possessive. And Nina knew exactly what he wanted to do to her whenever he was feeling the way he was...


"Ah. Here she is. Nina, this is your photographer, Karen." Lucas rematerialized at my elbow. "Karen, this is Nina."
"Hi, there."
Karen had green eyes that reminded me a bit of Lucas; she used them to size me up quickly, professionally. "Yes, I would like a kind of Bardot vibe out of you."
"That's a tall order — "
"Don't insult her, darling," Lucas drawled in my ear as Karen flashed me an impatient look.
"I didn't mean to," I said as Karen held up a hand.
"I said Bardot, I'll get Bardot.”
Then she turned to styling team and addressed Robbie. "What have you got?"
Robbie held out the magenta dress and motioned to Lola who had unearthed the white cape as promised.
"Yes," Karen nodded briskly. "I want her hair to be more mussed though, Pierre. Bardot was glamorous but also a little wistful and wild with youth."
"I'm not sure about all this," I murmured to Lucas.
He drew me closer and I felt warm when he gave me a reassuring squeeze. "I can help with the muss."
"What do you..." I drew a quick breath when he covered my mouth with his. Quick fingers dove into my curled locks and tugged, his lips sucking gently as he caressed and ravished.
"Aye," he pulled away, slightly breathless. "That looks perfectly mussed."

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June 5
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