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Working as a female security guard is tough enough without guarding one of the richest men in the Midwest, who also happens to be a sex addict. When one of his daily call girls doesn’t show up, and he asks for your help… how far will you go to make sure his extensive needs are met? (Adults Only; 4,000+ Words)

Warning! This erotic short story contains explicit sexual acts.


“April. Come here.”
We hadn’t talked in-person for a couple weeks. I couldn’t imagine what he wanted, since his girl should have been arriving any moment (and he liked me to pat them down, first).
When I crossed the short distance to the elevator, he smiled, hand against the metallic door, keeping it open.
“Yes, sir?”
“I need your help with something.”
He moved aside, making room for me to enter the elevator. I had never actually been up to his loft before. In fact, I’d never even been in the elevator! Still—I knew not to question his orders.
I stepped inside, watching the door close on us.
Morgan looked calm—but I could see his jaw clenching a little.
“Is everything all right, sir?”
He smiled, watching the buttons light up as we rose.
“Fine, April, thank you.”
“What… help do you need?” I persisted.
“My girl can’t make it,” he said, nonchalantly. “I need you to fill in.”
My eyes widened. “Fill—fill in? You don’t mean…”
Morgan flashed me a glance, blue eyes calm, as if he just needed me to fill in for his cleaning lady or something.
“Just for the night,” he said, as the elevator door opened. “Just as a substitute.”

Fiction & Literature
May 5
Audrey Nash
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