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An intensely sexy Billionaire Fairy Tales standalone romance by Jackie Ashenden where a billionaire, bad boy Prince Charming meets the woman who will rock his world.

Xavier De Santis: Charming. Disgraced. Playboy.

The headlines are always shouting about the excesses of the so-called Prince Charming of the De Santis family. Problem is, Xavier is everything they say he is.

But now he’s gone too far, and he has has been ordered to clean up his image. Volunteering at a homeless shelter, Xavier sees a bright light amidst all the bleakness. An angel whose luminous face and tragic beauty call to him in ways he can’t explain.

Mia: Homeless. Vulnerable. Virgin.

When the shelter Mia calls home closes, she is left with nowhere to go. Nowhere except the luxurious, glorious palace of a home where Xavier De Santis has invited her to stay. This too-handsome billionaire is dark, dangerous…and also too good to be true.

Surely Mia can indulge in her fantasies and escape the hardness of her daily life for just one night?

As one night turns into two, Mia knows that eventually, the magic will end. She can't keep the beautiful clothes. She can't keep the soft bed. And most of all, she can't keep the hard, handsome man who makes her crave his touch with every breath she takes.

Mia doesn't belong in his world. But as Xavier tempts his rags-to-riches heroine with exquisite pleasure and heady desire, Mia may have no choice but to surrender to him completely.

Jackie Ashenden’s novels have been described as “Dark, explosive, and gritty, with a splash of dominance.” (Publishers Weekly, starred review on In Bed with the Billionaire) and The Billionaire’s Virgin delivers even more of that delicious combination.

*An incredibly sexy billionaire romance meets a Cinderella retelling with an HEA.

Don’t miss The Billionaire Beast.

January 10
St. Martin's Press

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bh313@hotmail ,


Deliciously dark and intense this is a great story of a bad boy billionaire taken by a homeless beauty. A woman that touches his heart in a way no one ever has. When the shelter she calls home closes and she has nowhere to go but the streets, Xavier DeSantis can't let that happen. He takes her into his home. Mia knows this is too good to be true. All good things end for her so why would this last. As he fills her heart and soul with passion and desire, Mia knows she won't walk away from this whole.

I recommend this one.

LisaHines711 ,

Review: Billionaire Fairytales 1: The Billionaire's Virgin

The Billionaire's Virgin by Jackie Ashenden is the first book in her new Billionaire Fairytales series. It is a standalone, sexy romance told in dual POV between Mia, the homeless woman and Xavier the billionaire that yanks her off the streets.

The storyline was very fairytale like in the way it played out. Tortured young woman, living on the streets for years catches the eye and eventually the heart and soul of the rich billionaire playboy. It was well-written and well-paced. I felt there could have been ore about Mia's past and locating the documents but the story stay away from too many unpleasant facts, seeming to talk about them in he abstract and keep the reader distanced from the ugliness of Mia's childhood and Xavier's loss.

The sexy times were warm to hot, but mostly the story was sweet and has a happy ending. Enjoy!

~Mindy Lou~ ,

3.5 Stars!

A hero usually makes or break a book for me. I was worried when I first started this book because Xavier started off as a spoiled man child and that is just unattractive. He lives off Daddy's money and parties more than he works. When his father makes him volunteer at a homeless shelters because of the latest scandal, his behavior is appalling.

What this author did right was show us how Xavier gradually got drawn to a homeless woman who stops in the shelter most nights for meals. It wasn't love at first sight. There is something about Mia that made Xavier take notice and it wasn't her beauty. She's dirty and bundled in so many clothes he couldn't even make out her shape. He's baffled by it but tries to shake it off and move on. Only he can't. Each night she comes in, he's pulled in by her to the point he decides he needs to save her from the streets. This is where he started to behave more like a man to me.

Another thing the author did right was show a slow progress for Mia to trust. Her falling at his feet would not have worked for this story. The book is only 179 pages so we don't get a full background on both characters or their family, which I would have loved to learn more about, but the pacing of the story was good. Xavier was also borderline with his behavior with Mia. He forced her to accept certain situations that some readers may have a problem with but Mia does give consent when she realizes he won't just walk away.

Overall, it was a very good read with a few minor things that could have been better. I will continue with this series. I would like to see where the author takes the brothers of Xavier. ARC provided by NetGalley.

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