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What happens when a 5,000-year-old Starman, a Voodoo Queen, a sarcastic, telepathic cat, and a motley crew of former Louisiana Creole military veterans join forces to save America from a mutating Nano virus?

New Orleans is Ground Zero for the Russian Mafia's most sinister plot yet. But their plan to release a Nano virus that mutates and kills food crops is missing one vital component… water. Lucky for them, The Big Easy has plenty to spare!

A band of untamed and unfettered misfits join forces to stop the Russians or watch as they destroy crops from coast-to-coast.

With amazing skills, highly volatile personalities, unadulterated chaos, and more drama than a soap opera, the crew of unlikely allies must achieve the impossible.

Can they do it without creating another disaster or will it be chaos?

Find out in this Sci-fi Action-Adventure novel!

32 Five Star Reviews
1. Lately I have read several mainstream best selling books where the author failed to properly develop the world & or characters, so it was so refreshing to find that wasn't the case here.
The characters & world were well developed. A sci-fi element isn't my normal read, but because the author did a great job of making it real-world believable, I was hooked by the end of chapter one.
And that cat, made the whole thing all the better.
I highly recommend this book, and hope there's a volume 2 soon!
2. This is a very original story. It combines adventure, magic, technology and fantasy in a rousing tale. All the characters
seem like regular people, but they're not. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.
3. If anyone wants to read an awesome book, The Binding Volume 1 is that - it's like John Grisham on sci-fi steroids!
3. What a fun read! This book seems to have everything: action, adventure, sci-fi, comic relief, a bit of romance, and a complex plot with many characters, many layers, different settings (Egypt included) and even different time periods. Readers will enjoy how the characters interact with each other, and they will especially like the magical cat that has a bit of a sarcastic side. It's a quick, fast-paced story that is sure to keep your attention. Highly recommend!
5. Ok, it's now 6 am and I've been up all night reading it! If you want an awesome book - The Binding is that.

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May 8
John Parham
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