The Bipolar Family Cure: How to End the Arguing, Overspending, Lying, Anger, Manipulation and Irresponsibility‪.‬

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The Bipolar Family Cure: How to end the arguing, overspending, lying, anger, manipulation and irresponsibility. Get your normal life back, get control over your time, and live stress free!

For family members of patients with bipolar disorder or others who support these patients, and who have almost given up on having a normal life because of the suffocating demands of coping and dealing with a loved one with bipolar disorder…

Unlike other books on bipolar disorder that speak to the person with the diagnosis, this book speaks directly to you and the unique problems you face as a supporter. Each chapter is directed to another aspect of the difficulties you deal with on a daily basis, with strategies and solutions you can immediately apply to your own situation.
Wouldn’t it be great to stop the fighting, overspending, lying, anger, manipulation, and irresponsibility? Wouldn’t you like to get your normal life back, get control over your time, and live stress free? This book helps you do all that and more, with easy-to-understand information, instructions, examples, and case studies.

Over ten years of research has gone into this comprehensive book. Thousands of people have benefited from the strategies and solutions presented, such as:
•Avoid the top 5 mistakes the majority of bipolar supporters make…
•Specific ways to deal with anger, lying, and manipulation…
•What to do when your loved one refuses to take their medication or refuses treatment…
•How you can gain control over your finances and avoid bankruptcy and other money problems caused by your loved one’s overspending…
•Whether or not you can “catch” bipolar disorder from your loved one and how you can get support for yourself, restoring your life to a normal one once again…
•How to use the Post Episode Analysis to avoid future episodes and further reduce your stress…
•What to do when you begin suffering from the inevitable caregiver burnout syndrome…
•How to distinguish the symptoms of bipolar disorder particular to your loved one so you spot the warning signs of an oncoming episode and head it off in advance…
•The “Bipolar Stability Equation” and how you can help your loved one use it to reduce their susceptibility to arguing, overspending, lying, anger, manipulation, and irresponsibility…
•Sex and your relationship - how to restore intimacy…

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Customer Reviews

anonReader3000 ,


Very helpful and encouraging! Thank you.

Fastjohnny1949 ,

Bipolar isn’t fun

I wished I had read this book after I found out my wife of 49 years married was dianose with Bipolar.It was 2017 when we got back AGAIN after she walked out from me the 15th time in our marriage, we were seperaged 6 mouths but this time I insisted she see a Doctor and that’s when we learned she had Bipolar and ADHD. My first reaction was angar after all the BS I had been treated to, I was so mad at her I didn’t give a F anymore. After read The Bipolar Family Cure, I was sorry I turned to angar and I Love my wife more that anything in the world.
Bipolar hurts everyone that’s involved and with Gods help I Pray for Her.

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