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After the loss of a child along with a slew of agonizing misfortunes, Nick and Jess decide to end their lives. Unable to cope with the misery that fills their days, they commit one last act together and die in loving relief.

But when Nick wakes up, he soon realizes that death isn't the gentle darkness he expected. Panicked and horrified, he struggles to understand the twisted abominations and hellish world he's now trapped in.

Driven by desperation and a sudden will to survive, he sets out to find Jess and is unable to cope with the thought of her having to suffer through the terrors this new reality holds.

But nothing could prepare him for the nightmares he found...nothing could prepare him for The Black Farm.

Fiction & Literature
June 9
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Customer Reviews

SddccdfghvScgrA ,

Read it in two days!

I literally couldn’t put this book down.

Tatianarow ,

Amazing and gruesome

I started and didn’t put it down until I was finished
It’s sooo gruesome and detailed I loved it
I can feel myself there’ with them in the black farm and we don’t know what’s really out so this makes you think hard .
Great job !!!!

Trozen17 ,

Fascinating concept - Could have been done better

I really enjoyed this book. I was able to read it in a day. If you are here because of The Black Farm’s short story. It is worth the read for $5. I would encourage everyone who is into this theme to try it.

Pros - The concept was original. I found the religious themes refreshing. This version of purgatory was vivid and believable. The concept and lore is what saves this book and makes it an interesting read.

The sex, violence, and horror was vivid. If you’re into adult books.

I felt satisfied after reading the book. It held up for the most part compared to the short story.

Cons - The characters weren’t great. I found myself eagerly waiting conflict as they talked.

I expected the main character to be more of an observer than Hero. When he started adventuring; It added to the instability of the lore.

The lore was not fully executed. All characters felt as if they were regular English speakers from the last 10 years. The whole world was underdeveloped. This was the most disappointing aspect. As your reading this book think about how the world is almost empty even for the framework that the author gave. My biggest pet peeve about this novel.

Overall a great read. It was worth the $5, which is why it got 4 stars instead of 3. It satisfied my curiosity of this universe.

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