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“Blood Covenant combines the hedonistic jet-setting pleasures of billionaire romance and the dirty little secret thrills of a dead sexy vampire!” – Katalina Leon, USA Today Bestselling Author

When he met her, he knew how it would end.

Shade Medici, a warrior king and sole male heir to the dynasty, is expected to mate and produce an heir to secure the continuation of the Medici coven. He’s waited over 500 years for the right mate, and when he meets Kate Reese, his attraction is more than primal – it’s merciless.
She’s also mortal.
Kate is fresh off a broken engagement and reluctant to open her heart, but her hesitations are no match for the unrelenting pursuits of the vampire King. Their passion for each other is searing… and not everyone is happy about it. Namely the ruling Council.
As they fight against deceit, treachery, and those who aim to see their love fail, Shade also struggles to control his impulses as Kate is immersed into his dark and dangerous world, but it’s imperative he prepare her for the changes that will be demanded of her should she choose to bind herself to him through the blood covenant. All that scorches and glitters isn’t gold, and she quickly learns that falling in love with a vampire King comes at a hefty price:

It may just cost her everything.

“Riveting”, “electric”, and hailed as “the NEXT BIG THING”, The Medici Warrior Series follows the exploits of a vampire dynasty that spans four generations in a multi-genre novel with elements of paranormal, smoldering slow-burn romance, and historical fiction. Get your copy today!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 22
Foundations, LLC
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

PrinceFanGirl ,

Fantastic fantasy escape

This was just pure escapism. Some non-traditional hot vampires who live among us mortals, and occasionally sneak a delicious bite, and fall in love. There was drama and tension, some humor, some tears...and some very hot sex. All the bases covered. I like these characters and can’t wait for book two.

caninekiss ,

Great Paranormal

This is a long book but well worth the read. I love the characters and how they interact with each other. Details are perfectly described to put you in the story with vivid life. I recommend this book and look forward to the future of these next in the series. A new author with a great first book in this series.

grety10 ,

How cliche!!!

Oh my......first time I can’t seen to finish a book.

If you’re looking for intelligent, enigmatic, well developed characters, this story is not it.
I’m going to be very truthful on my review. Within 2 chapters I saw the whole story play. Shy, insecure girl meets hot vampire. The so called heroine is the typical immature danzel in distress whose POV gets you to roll your eyes every single time. The male comes out as a serious dangerous stalker. If an inmortal is going to be over 500 years old, why not show finessed and class to his character?? The dialogue is very immature for these characters. There is no substance holding and tying the story together. The supporting characters are very annoying and more on late teen vibe. The Italian words used within the male protagonist were so silly. I don’t understand what purpose it served.
The whole thing is a true cliche to the other supernatural books.
I won’t be finishing this book. My eyes hurt from all the rolling.🙄

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