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An empire forged of blood, a heated romance between a royal vampire and his exotic concubine.

An empire threatened. A generation manipulated. A scandalous affair. The vampire built their empire on the backs of those they played like marionettes. Aulus, the heir to the Holy Roman Empire, continued their blood-born legacy until Niu arrived, tempting him with her exotic nature. Bought and sold like cattle, Niu finds herself under the rule of the Royal Family, whom are eager to use her as their plaything.

Soon, her long-standing wish to return to Asia begins to fade and is replaced by a growing desire for Aulus, but the notion of love is strictly prohibited. Although they come from vastly different worlds, they can't help but be drawn to each other. They give into desire, only to learn how quickly their illicit affair could cost them their lives. With his future tied to another woman and his heart tied to the beautiful concubine, there's more than love on the line for Aulus. An entire empire rests on his shoulders. Is he ready for the challenge?

Sparkly "Twilight" Vampires? I don't think so; this is not a story for the squeamish or faint of heart. This is a tale of both physical and psychological horror it's "The Vampire Diaries: The Originals" meets the gruesome world of "The Underworld Trilogy."

The Blood Rite Saga

The Blood Empire: One Episode out of Five
The Blood Princess: Five Episodes out of Five
The Blood Prince: Zero Episodes out of Five
The Blood Queen
: Zero Episodes out of Five
The Blood King
: Zero Episodes out of Five
The Blood Throne
: Zero Episodes out of Five

August 3
Purple Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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