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Learn how to get gigs and be the bass player that everyone wants to hire with this real-world guide written by veteran bassist and music educator, Ted Gould. This book goes far beyond theory and the mechanics of playing the instrument and into the often unspoken skills needed to make money as a bass player. 


What if you could successfully play gigs with little or no rehearsal? 

Imagine becoming a top call bass player in your area! 

Imagine being able to learn a lot of material in a short amount of time! 

Learn pro hacks for networking and how to go about getting your name out there in a new town. 

Have a competitive edge and be able to tackle any gig that comes your way. 

Ted Gould has held the bass chair with Funk Music Legend Zigaboo Modeliste since 2012, has been a contributor to NoTreble.com, and featured in Bass Player Magazine. He earned his B.A. in Music Performance from California State University, East Bay with a focus on Double Bass and when he is not teaching works as a bassist in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

"The Blue-Collar Bassist" is a no-nonsense guide to the skills that a working bassist must have to survive in the working world. 

"The Blue-Collar Bassist" is for the bass player who wants to start playing either part-time or full time professionally. This book is for the player who is new to the scene and also for the experienced player who wants to expand their horizons. Topics include how to build an extensive repertoire, networking, faking it, how to put bandleaders at ease, what other musicians want from a bassist and lots of true stories. 

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"I’ve watched Ted navigate the Bay Area music scene for more than 10 years. He ’s grown up as he learned from his mistakes and found his own voice. In this book, he shares some incredibly valuable information that you won’t learn in school. I highly recommend it!" - Darryl Anders | Bassist, Band Leader AgapéSoul

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February 9
Ted Gould

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Jon Packard ,

A book for all musicians!

Blue Collar Bass is the kind of book every musician should read. For players coming up, wanting to make a living, it’s full of great tips and lessons that will save a young player a lot of frustration and heartache (I wish someone had done this for me!), as well as gentle (and not so gentle) reminders for some of us more “seasoned” players. Most of his advice is applicable to players of any instrument, Although there is plenty of stuff just for us bassists, too. Honestly the section about what other players and bandleaders want, and don’t want, from a working bassist is worth the price of the book alone! I’ll be keeping my copy handy, if for no other reason than to periodically give myself a “gut check.” Great work, Ted!