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The Blue Fox

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"The Blue Fox" is about a fox whose body got colored blue accidentally. The story tells how the clever fox tricked the forest animals and became their king. Eventually, the animals realized that the fox had tricked them and they taught him a lesson.

"The Blue Fox" is a story that conveys certain valuable life lessons in a fun and engaging manner. The colorful pictures alone will be sufficient for children to follow the story.

In this book, the story is augmented by learning material that educates children about the animals and objects in the tale. 

"The Blue Fox" is a story inspired by a tale from "Pancha Tantra." Read below the legend behind "Pancha Tantra" and learn how valuable it can be for children.

Once there was a king. He was a very learned man. He ruled his kingdom eminently. 

The king had three sons. But quite unlike the king, his three sons were dumb and ignorant. The king was very worried about this matter. He was deeply concerned as to who would succeed him once he retires.

One day the king sought the help of his advisors. He asked them:

"My three sons are dumb and clueless. They are not interested in learning. These dumb children will be a cause for worry and anxiety for me all my life. Is there any way to awaken their intelligence?"

Many of them expressed their opinions. The king was not satisfied with any of the responses. Then the king's minister came forward and said:

"Oh your Majesty, there is a very wise man in a village outside the capital city. He has learned all the sciences. I recommend that we send your children to that wise man. His genius can transform your sons in to intelligent and competent princes."

The king was intrigued by the minister's recommendation. "Bring the wise man to my court tomorrow morning," ordered the king. Next morning when the king came to his court the wise man was present there. 

"Make my three sons intelligent and competent and I will give you many gold coins and a large area of land," the king said.

"Your majesty, I sincerely appreciate the offer. But I am not a person who imparts knowledge for money. I will awaken the intelligence of your sons and turn them in to princes competent enough to be the heir to the throne. I shall accomplish this in six months," said the wise man.

What the wise man said was music to the king's ears. He sent his sons with the wise man. The wise man had mastered all the sciences and had distilled his learning in a collection of stories. He taught the king's sons all the sciences through such stories. As he had promised the king, in six months the king's sons evolved in to smart and learned princes. 

The collection of stories that the wise man taught the king's sons came to be known as "Pancha Tantra."

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The sample was just a page asking me to buy the book. I wanted to see a sample of the book to determine if my children would enjoy it, not a list of copy rights law.

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