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ALL INCLUSIVE... This- This is for everyone whether religious or otherwise.  It’s for believers and non-believers alike.  Nothing religious about it! No matter your world view, belief, or current understanding this is “MUST HAVE” knowledge WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW... Everyone in every nation, man woman, boy and girl should discover the plan without delay, particularly family and neighbours. Receive, read and discover the purpose of life for all, especially for you and your loved ones Friends what you are about to read is no fairy tale. It's an excerpt from one of the most important historic events ever to have taken place. It's a love story. It's about a Son's love for His Father and a Father's love for His Son. A Creator's love for His creation. It's about redeeming love. It's about a love that cannot be conquered. It's about a very special person laying down His life for His friends. It's a story of the Great Shepherd searching for people, lost like sheep. He seeks to bring back all into His flock, but will they come? Excerpt... There is so much trying to take our attention and occupy our minds. Some of our time may be taken daily with things like television, music, computers, internet or hobbies. Other minds may be occupied with things like business, education, career, family and other relationships. Also, sadly, many minds could be getting plagued with worry, with anxiety, fears or cares and bad memories. You dear friend may be among the many people who are in bondage to wrong thoughts and imaginations. Others may be controlled by tobacco, drugs or alcohol, or perhaps, some other abusive substances. Bondage to hard to break habits and untoward lifestyles are also quite common in this day and age. I say all of this, friends, to point out that our minds are being assaulted like never before. From cradle to old age, without respect of persons, the devil has being trying to keep a very special truth from each of us. Why? Because the knowledge of this truth is able to deliver us from all of the things just mentioned. Think about this for a moment. - End of excerpt Refreshing Words You will discover refreshing words herein. If we heard or read them one million times it wouldn't be too much. Let me tell you a secret, friends, or perhaps I should say, not a well-known fact. It's in the telling or singing of this true story that God's Spirit of faith operates. You see, the gospel or good news of God's Anointed One is the very power of God at work in the lives of those who will do 1,2,3 things. By 1,2,3, I mean those who will… 1) Receive it, 2) Believe it, 3) Act upon it. This power carries with it and distributes to those who will 1,2,3 such things as - * The offer of everlasting life, * Healing for the body, * Healing for the mind, in fact, * Healing for our entire being. * It also carries with it the power to deliver from oppressions of all kinds and *Will set free from bondage to all sorts of torments and enslaving habits, if, if we will only give heed to 1,2,3 . "What else will it do?" Do I hear you say? Well again if we will 1,2,3… * We can be free of the burden of sin in our lives. * We can be free of the condemnation of guilt. * We can be free from the fear of death. Isn’t that something? * We can have in our hearts the assurance of everlasting life. * We can be cleansed daily from all the filth of the mind and flesh, which tries to pollute us. Best advice would be reagrding The BLUEPRINT is... GET IT, READ IT, BELIVE IT, ACT ON IT, SHARE IT with family, friends and other loved ones ENJOY AND RELISH

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February 20
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