The Bodycoach - Personal Food Coaching

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It's not a secret: great looking stars like Robert Redford or Julia Roberts have a personal food coach who would also get us into a more vital and energetic shape than any fitness trainer or antiaging guru - solely based on a healthy and holistic diet. Beauty, charisma, zest and vitality are not at all a matter of luck. The crucial point is to crack your personal body code. Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Redford did nothing less than that - without brute bantings or excessive jogging tours - like the German politician, Joschka Fischer, who, as we can all see by his constantly varying sizes, showed us no lasting results either. It's actually a lot easier than that. Instead of abdication or, like Maria Callas, not eating anything at all in order to achieve a divalike figure (she said, she had locked up her mouth with a zipper), or sweating for hours on a treadmill respectively, a few changes in our eating habits can already result in what constitutes the basis of a vital body: getting our metabolism going again. It is as simple as that, and because the metabolism is the key to our body, its proper functioning is so important. Over and over again people complain that their metabolism is 'too slow', that this is the reason why they do not lose any weight or instantly gain weight by merely looking at a piece of cream tart. On the other hand there are those lucky ones who supposedly have a 'fast metabolism' and eat whatever they feel like without gaining a single gram. Whenever people talk about this issue, it sounds as if it were a law of nature, a given fact that cannot be altered. This is not true! A metabolism not running at full steam has simply made itself comfortable in inertness. Over the years, malnutrition and diets have caused it to stall or worse, come close to a standstill. In this book I will take you through my personal story and outstanding examples of my clients. I strongly believe, that proper nutrition for ourselves and our metabolism can resume its pace and thus progress the vigour of our body. Yours, Caroline Bienert

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