The Bodyguard Next Door

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He’s danger and a wicked, hot grin…

Iris Stuart may have a small crush on her neighbor. After all, Pierce Jennings is gorgeous, muscled, and he has a laugh that makes her toes curl. But she is not going down that particular path of temptation with the former Army Ranger and current Wilde agent. Nope. Not happening.  They’ll stay in the friend zone because it’s safer that way. Safer for her—and for him. Even if looking into his baby blues makes her heart race.

She’s sunshine, secrets, and a bit of sin…

Pierce’s new neighbor wears paint-splattered jeans, she smells like sin, and he wants to put his hands all over her gorgeous body. Too bad she’s friend-zoned him. Too bad she’s starring in most of his fantasies. Too bad he can’t get her out of his head.  

But when danger comes knocking, he’s just the man she needs.

So Iris may have a slightly infamous past—and a family who more than dabs in art forgeries. Iris inherited some of their not-so-slightly shady skills, and unfortunately, now some dangerous people want to use her. When the bad guys don’t take no for an answer and they try to abduct her, it’s her sexy bodyguard next door who comes to her rescue.

Suddenly, she’s got his protection.

The bad guys want her art skills, the Feds in stiff suits want her to work a sting, and Pierce? He just wants her to be his.  And what Pierce wants, he will get. Even if he has to take down an undercover art ring and take on the Feds, he will stay by Iris’s side.  He’s not just going to be her bodyguard. Before they are done, he plans to be one hell of a lot more to her… 

Author’s Note:  Does it get better than having a seriously buff, ready-to-handle-any-threat bodyguard…right next door? For Iris Stuart, this turn of events is probably the best thing that has ever happened to her.  But falling for sexy Pierce wasn’t supposed to happen. She’s the bad girl. He’s the hero.  Except…maybe a bad girl can win the heart of the hero, provided, of course, that they can survive the danger heading their way.  It’s time for another WILDE ride. What can you expect? Hot times, lots of danger, humor, thrills…and a guaranteed happy ending.

May 10
Hocus Pocus Publishing, Inc.
Hocus Pocus Publishing, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Sandyn461 ,

Pierce and Iris

Another Wilde! I really love this series. Lots of action and suspense. Twists and turns that I did not see coming.Pierce is ,unkowingly, thrust into Iris’s path. Pierce is super OTT and hot! Great chemistry and banter with these two. HEA

Spokesmon ,

Cool subplot

I’m a sucker for love at first sight. And for a story that keeps them apart. This one had a nice twist. Recommended. I look forward to reading more

oo4chelle ,

Beyond cheesy

Just wasted my time on this one. Good grief it was bad. Iris isn’t inspiring and Pierce is just blah. So many unanswered questions that weren’t even asked. The plot is ridiculous and has more holes than you could count. Just no.

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