The Book Boyfriend Series (The Complete Collection) The Book Boyfriend Series (The Complete Collection)

The Book Boyfriend Series (The Complete Collection‪)‬

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The Book Boyfriend Series Complete Collection includes the following books:


Nothing is more satisfying than bringing a big shot to his knees…

Wes Sinclair can have any woman he wants. So, the hot, dirty fantasies he's having about his best friend's off-limits sister—the one who keeps stealing his clients and seems immune to his charms—are driving him nuts. Which might explain why he proposed the bet that took such an unexpectedly sexy turn… 

Natalie Prescott has worked hard to become the best realtor in the business, and she's not about to let a little thing like losing a bet to Wes get her down. She can definitely control herself for the next two weeks without doing anything dumb…like falling for the ultimate bad boy...


Fake engagements only work if both parties remember they're supposed to be faking it…

Damsels in distress don't interest Max Sterling. But that didn't stop him from posing as his gorgeous client's fiancé when she needed him. Having a fake girlfriend might keep his momma off his back about his bachelor status, too. It was a win-win. Until he started developing very real feelings and ruined everything…

Hailey Ellison had her reasons for creating an imaginary fiancé. But she never expected her hot realtor to rescue her when the ruse was about to be exposed. She never thought a man like him could want a curvy girl like her, either. So, imagine her surprise when he seemed more than willing to reap the sexy benefits of their pretend engagement…


He's a sexy, well-built lover, not a fighter. But he'll make an exception for her…

Kyle Coleman left his small hometown years ago and had zero desire to return. But his plans to build a business for his mother forced his hand. He knew he'd run into the only woman he ever loved (and lost) at some point. He had no way of knowing, however, that he'd want her now even more than ever…

Ella Fisher had almost forgotten how much she missed Kyle. Until he showed up, hot as ever, to steal the building she wanted for her family business right out from under her. Now all she could think about was how much they'd lost…and how much more she wanted.


He's a rock-solid relationship guy. No one-night stands. Except that one. 

Connor Prescott had the most intense night of his life in a snowed-in airport with a total stranger. When he woke up the next day, he wanted more. He wanted everything. Too bad she'd bailed and hadn't even left him her last name. He'd left something with her, though. He just didn't know it yet…

To say Katie Kaswell had a pitiful romantic history would be an understatement. So, while she enjoyed their night together (really enjoyed it…multiple times), she didn't want a relationship. Then she found out she was pregnant. With no way of contacting the father. Ooops…

When fate brings them together again, Connor is thrilled. Not only does he get a second chance with Katie, but he's also the father of the most gorgeous little girl in the world? It was perfect. All he has to do now is convince gun-shy Katie that he's in this for the happily ever after. Easy, right?

Fiction & Literature
January 4
Carly Phillips
Draft2Digital, LLC

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