The Book of JOB

The Job Seekers Bible for the 21st Century

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The Book of JOB is not just about the typical tried, true (and tired) techniques of job hunting. It's full of fresh ideas about how to "Sell YOU" as you find and win the job you really want. Tim McMahon knows job searching and knows today's new technologies - together this makes for an incredibly powerful and exciting new book that redefines the job hunt!

“This book should be required reading starting with college sophomores (to be re-read every two years until retirement, then read one more time to map out one’s Golden Years). Tim, where were you when I was graduating college ‘Summa cum This Close’ with a degree for which I had no passion? Dripping with knowledge, rock-solid advice and humor, “The Book of JOB” is a guide to career success, wherever you choose to seek it!” -- Steve Gamlin, bestselling author of “20 To Life – The Good Way”


“Tim McMahon has finally made the “strategy and execution” of seeking a job as practical as possible. This isn’t advice; like the title says, it’s the “Bible” – must do’s – of the journey to find the fun we call “a job.” His use of stories and humor make “Job” an enjoyable and easy read of his profound principles used to lead the reader to, first, think about their search strategy and then design it hand-in-hand with the plan’s execution. Tim makes his readers understand what the job means to the seeker and what the seeker means to the job. “The Book of Job” is a must have tool for the search.” Jonathan Narducci, CornerStone Cubed – Execution by Design.


The Book of Job should be read by any person in an employment search. Job covers all facets the search process with humor and insight and allows people, at all career levels, to retool their tactics for a successful search. I sent the book to my kids, It’s that good. -- Alexander Berol, SPHR, Principal & Senior HR Consultant


I just finished reading The Book of Job, by Tim McMahon. I found it an excellent book, packing huge amounts of practical advice into a relatively short read. It is well written, well organized, and goes straight to the point in each section.

Tim is a great salesman, and this book helps you develop strategies for selling yourself to an employer. It offers dos and don'ts, from the process of figuring out what you want to do, networking, marketing yourself (including social networking), developing your resume, applying and interviewing. I was reminded of some things I had known but been overlooking, and I learned a number of new things. Perhaps for me was the concept and list of "Positive Weaknesses". This has always been a section of interviews that I hated, and Tim's approach was very hopeful. If you are in the market for a job, then this book can help.

--Ray Hoskins, Ray Hoskins and Associates

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May 15
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