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“Never alive…and never dead…” 

In the rubble-strewn wasteland of Alphabet City, a squalid tenement conceals a treasure “beyond all imagining”—an immaculately preserved, fifth century codex. The sole repository of ancient Hermetic lore, it contains the authentic alchemical rituals for transforming thought into substance, transmuting matter at will…and attaining eternal life.

When a lusty, East Village tattoo artist has a torrid encounter with a battle-hardened loner, they are overwhelmed by the intensity of their feelings.  Rose and Martin soon discover they are unwitting pawns on opposing sides of a battle that has shaped the course of human history.  At the center of the conflict is Paul, the villainous overlord of an underground feudal society, who guards the book’s occult secrets in preparation for the fulfillment of an apocalyptic prophecy. 

The action is relentless as Martin and Rose fight to escape Paul’s clutches and Martin’s destiny as the chosen recipient of Paul’s sinister legacy.  Science and magic, mythology and technology converge in a monumental battle where the stakes couldn’t be higher: control of the ultimate power in the universe—the Maelstrom.

The Book of Paul is the first of seven volumes in a sweeping mythological narrative tracing the mystical connections between Hermes Trismegistus in ancient Egypt, Sophia, the female counterpart of Christ, and the Celtic druids of Clan Kelly.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 6
Richard Long
Richard Long

Customer Reviews

S. Hamneggs ,

A fun read for the twisted.

One of the sickest, most depraved, blasphemous , degenerate, sacrilegious thoughts ever presented in a book - floats at the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in New York City!

plouchart1 ,

Fantastic Book!

Looking for a great read here's one for you! Storyline will catch you right from the start and keep you excited til the very end! Well written characters...you'll soon have your favorite. This book will hit your every emotion...and leave you wanting more!

davidsm11 ,

Book of Paul review

A little hard to get into. Very complicated, but it grew on me.

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