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Given a treasure map, would you follow it?

The Book of Phi is a 50-year story, a perspective, and ultimately a treasure hunt for cash and gold contained within the tale of Phillip and his nemesis, Phi. The two first meet in a late-1960s North Carolina orphanage where their friction begins. Questions mount as his adoptive mother, Nu, flees with the boys in the wake of an accident. Phi wields an intellectual power of divining gold, providing food and shelter for the three. But it proves to be a curse, separating the boys from their mother, as their run from reality continues westward to new locations across the country.

Unearthing the mystery of Phillip's past presents a treasure hunt. . .. half-solved. But are we really to believe a map to hoards of gold is buried in the memory of an orphaned boy?

Follow the clues in the life of Phillip and Phi, a 7-chapter mental escape room, as the experience unfolds. Go back and replay the accompanying treasure-finding contests already solved. Or just enjoy the mystery surrounding the Book of Phi -- an immersive work of art that reads like a short story yet delivers levels of depth like a riveting novel. Hidden within the text and images is a modern-day treasure hunt, solvable from your phone without even leaving your house. . ..

This is the virtual reality challenge you wished for.

Fiction & Literature
December 10
SeventyNine LLC
SeventyNine LLC
Grades 13 and Above

Customer Reviews

Mark__Z ,


The Book of Phi can be read in a few hours, and I've now lost track of how many times I've re-read it. I keep finding new perspectives on how to think about certain story and character details. In this day and age, it's too easy to linger in your own echo-chamber, and this story confirms how such thinking is so unfulfilling. The main character's entire perspective on his life changes as time passes and he becomes more enlightened on the way he views the past. This story will open your eyes to the importance that a simple word, "perspective", can have on your life.

The accompanying treasure hunt is intriguing. I haven't seen anything quite like this before as a pretty incredible website (bookofphi.com) goes along with this story. I can't wait to see how this experience all plays out. Certainly worth the $$$.

MikeL300 ,

Reflection on the Book

Very few books in the past have held my attention for very long. After reading the Book of Phi and studying it for two years and counting, it has changed my outlook on the way I view things. There are so many details, both seen and unseen that can be found within the covers, and even on the covers for that matter. Clues everywhere, what can you find? Maybe a treasure along the way?

Take a chance, have faith, and start your own journey, into The Book of Phi!

Gary Drayton ,

7 Stars

I would give this book 7 STARS.

Yes, I meant it. I have read 10 books this year and in every one, there's a few sentences here or there, and if you're lucky, an entire page that really lets you know the author really worked on this idea! (And most of the rest of the book is crap)

I am telling you every single page was well thought out, every single page is worth reading!

You just don't see this anymore. And I can't really compare it to other great works because it is said in the voice of a simpleton, yet it has wisdom.

Every page has a clever subtitle, every opposing page has weathered artwork that reminds you this is a treasure hunt.

I've got my book for 2019.