The Books of Blood Volume 1 The Books of Blood Volume 1
The Books of Blood

The Books of Blood Volume 1

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ew authors can claim to have marked a genre so thoroughly and personally that their words have leaked into every aspect of modern pop culture. Clive Barker is such an author, and the Books of Blood marked his debut - his coming out to the world - in brilliant, unforgettable fashion. Crossroad Press is proud to present Clive Barker's "Books of Blood" in digital for the first time. 

The Books of Blood combine the ordinary with the extraordinary while radiating the eroticism that has become Barker's signature. Weaving tales of the everyday world transformed into an unrecognizable place, where reason no longer exists and logic ceases to explain the workings of the universe, Clive Barker provides the stuff of nightmares in packages too tantalizing to resist. 

Never one to shy away from the unimaginable or the unspeakable, Clive Barker breathes life into our deepest, darkest nightmares, creating visions that are at once terrifying, tender, and witty. The Books of Blood confirm what horror fans everywhere have known for a long time: We will be hearing from Clive Barker for many years to come. 

This first volume contains the short stories : "The Book of Blood," "The Midnight Meat Train," "The Yattering and Jack," "Sex, Death, and Starshine," and "In the Hills, the Cities," as well as the original introduction to volumes one, two, and three by Ramsey Campbell, and a new introduction by author David Niall Wilson.

Fiction & Literature
March 11
Crossroad Press
David Wilson

Customer Reviews

csb1646 ,

Clive Barker's Books Of Blood

I decided recently to re-read all if not most of Clive Barker's works again. Starting with the Books Of Blood and realized that I haven't read most of them. In this first book there is the one story I remembered the Yattering and Jack. That is about a minor demon, not the usual Christian one, that is the same, but a real one in a short story where a father has to 'play' as if he doesn't know he is being 'set' upon. Barker is very inventive in this story and one wonders why is isn't on TV or a Movie.

Amazing that as the American culture is as weak as the driven snow that it surely cannot handle anything strange, weird or dangerous. Barker is young back when these books were new. He didn't know what he was getting into, that is clear throughout. Only through books can we 'trick' a person to be more than even themselves. This is what happened to Barker!

Barker's writing is rather detailed in surprising ways, descriptive. I was surprised by this second reading of Mr. Barker's works. And now having finished the 4th book of blood, I realize I have never read any of these Barker stories from book two on!

To me Mr. Barker has never HAD an audience. He surely has not. Nobody alive on earth can handle more. Much less is always the tune especially in these rewind it days of looking in the rear view mirror and the Golden Era of the selfie.

No, Mr. Barker was and maybe still is the Future of Horror as Steven King used to plaster on his Book Covers. King himself isn't it's future that is a surety.

Maybe King meant that Barker wouldn't be known for a few hundred years. Ah well. I'm not sure Apple iBooks can handle a book review like this…

But do give these books a blood a looksie. I recommend them.

Redegade ,

Bloody Hell

Disturbing visuals, erotic, creepy and did I say disturbing. Clive Barker’s mind is one to avoid should you fear the living dead, demons or bloody giants. A solid set of short horror stories, just in time for Devils night.

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