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Don t Mess with the Bahnburner!
Imagine a small, black car. A simple car of its time. A 40 Ford coupe. But just not any coupe, this little coupe was destined to become the famous Bahnburner. Making global headlines after author Charles Clark witnessed a high performance Mercedes create a hit and run on the Autobaun wrecking a BMW and killing the occupants an engineer who worked at BMW and his wife.
That evening, the Mercedes driver entered a bar and bragged about what he had done. Clark was there and challenged him to a race and a bet of $35,000 a race that turned his simple Ford coupe into the awesome, don t mess with me, Bahnburner. It became a my car can beat your car revenge meet. The rest became history with many helping hands from the engineers at BMW and driving tips from race car driver Bobby Unser.
Where The Bootlegger 40 Ford was the perfect delivery vehicle for transporting illegal whiskey ... there s so much more! It exchanged hands six times to date has everything an action picture would want.
The Ford Standard coupe is very real, always selling and reselling for exactly $500. It s the leading star amongst global businessmen and race car drivers. Are the stories true? Absolutely ... it s just that a few of the facts are embellished or have yet to happen.

Today, it happily rests in the hands of Charles Clark, a two-time owner. Meet The Bootlegger 40 Ford ... the Little Car that Could. You find intrigue, a thriller and woven throughout are illustrations by premier hot rod illustrator Darrell Mayabb.

Fiction & Literature
September 8
Charles S. Clark
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