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From New York Times Bestselling Author GINNY BAIRD, a heartfelt and hilarious tale about two lost souls finding their way to each other.

Allison Murphy spends a week in March with the same group of girlfriends each year. What started as a college spring break tradition morphed into an annual reunion, ultimately encompassing boyfriends and husbands. Only Allison hasn’t brought along a love interest in years, inspiring the others toward goodwill efforts at fixing her up. Faced with the prospect of yet another beach week mismatched with a virtual stranger, Allison’s roommate Kate suggests a shocking alternative. Allison can “borrow” Kate’s handsome and successful boyfriend for the trip. The trouble is Grady O’Brien stands for everything romantic idealist Allison is against. He’s a ruthless businessman who will stop at nothing to get ahead. What Allison doesn’t understand is just how far Grady is willing to go…

Wine industry entrepreneur Grady O’Brien knows an opportunity when he sees one. Allison Murphy runs a boutique wine label design company, while Grady heads up a firm that buys those sorts of businesses out. When Grady’s girlfriend unexpectedly must attend a conference and their vacation plans are cancelled, she encourages Grady to accompany Allison to the beach instead. Grady agrees to participate in the ruse of playing Allison’s boyfriend with a secret agenda in mind. He hopes to pave the way for acquiring Allison’s Bella Fortuna Wine Designs by winning favor with its pretty owner and her friends. The one thing Grady doesn’t count on losing in the bargain is his heart.

March 7
Winter Wedding Press
Winter Wedding Press

Customer Reviews

Carol M Smith ,

Ginny Baird's The Borrowed Boyfriend

Every year Allison Murphy reunites annually at the beach with
her college friends. Her friends bring their significant-others.
Since Allison is without a person of interest, her friends
Always fix her up with an unknown person. This always turns
out to be a disaster.
This year Allison’s roommate Kate suggests a plan. Kate wants
to send her boyfriend, Grady O’Brien along with Allison. Kate
claims she will be away for the week on business so this would
be the perfect solution. What is Kate’s ulterior motive?
Grady agrees to this plan, all to readily.. What does he have to
lose? In fact, he has all to gain from this charade, business wise!
Allison is not too keen on this idea as she does not particularly
trust or like Grady.
Finally she relents. Off to the beach in Maine, Grady and Allison
go .
The characters are well-developed and realistic. Each character
brings their own flavor to the story
The chemistry between the main characters is undeniable. There
Are beautiful friendships and multiple romances involving the
supporting characters. You will enjoy the dynamics and
shenanigans all the characters contribute to the story adding
plenty of humor. Plus you will enjoy discovering all the secrets
that unfold at the end.
Thank you to the author for this eBook. My opinion is my own.

Centralrast2 ,

Great Read

The Borrowed Boyfriend tells the tail of Allison and Grady. I like how Allison had kept in touch with her girlfriends and wished that I had done the same. It is great how they get together, but I too would be like Allison in wanting to avoid the set up with someone I didn't know to ruin my week. I don't know how I would feel about passing off my roommate's boyfriend as my own, but who knows.
Both Allison and Grady see the end to a means in agreeing to carry out the plan. Allison sees it as a way to have a "boyfriend" and Grady sees it as a way to get at her business. Neither planned on it going as it did
A fun and enjoyable book.
I received a copy from the author to read and review.

Melsy pelsy ,

Romantic Beach Read

The Borrowed Boyfriend is such a cute and romantic read in which two totally different people join forces for one week to help one of them out.
Allison always spends a week each year with her girlfriends and their significant others. The only problem is she does not have a significant other. Her girlfriends are constantly trying to find her a boyfriend but they just never seem to work out.
One day Allison's roommate, Kate, offers to let her boyfriend join Allison as her significant other. Allison doesn't really care for her roommate's boyfriend, Grady. Grady, on the other hand, is seeing this opportunity as a business venture.
What lengths do they go to to seem like the loving new couple? Are their hearts prepared for what's gonna happen?
Mrs. Baird wrote such a heartfelt tale that is a perfect beach read or perfect for cuddling up with in bed.

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