The Boss Project

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The first time I met Merrick Crawford was during my job interview.

Well, technically, I’d met him twenty minutes earlier when he’d barged into a fitting room a few doors down from my appointment.

I yelled. He yelled. After an argument while standing in my bra, I proceeded to smash the door into the gorgeous jerk, trying to yank it shut.

As you might imagine, I was freaked out when I discovered that the rude guy was my potential new boss.

Yet he didn’t seem to recognize me. Or so I thought… Until we wound up bickering again during my interview and he told me to go sniff my armpit.

Okay, so maybe I hadn’t exactly been changing when he walked in on me. In my defense, I’d been stuck on a hot train for two hours and wanted to make sure I didn’t smell.

I obviously didn’t expect to get the job. But somehow an invitation to a second interview arrived in my inbox.

Before I left, I asked to see Merrick. I needed to know why I was even in consideration after our disastrous start.

Turned out, Merrick only wanted to hire me because I was the least competent candidate. It seemed his board was making him fill the position, against his wishes.

I didn’t really want to work in a place where my boss expected me to fail. But I figured maybe I’d enjoy proving him wrong. It was a little thing I dubbed the boss project.

What I wasn’t prepared for was that there would be other things I’d enjoy doing to Merrick Crawford.

Getting involved with the boss wasn’t the smartest choice.

But you know what they say about choices: Some we regret, some we are proud of. I just had no idea where this one was going to land.

July 11
C. Scott Publishing Corp.
C. Scott Publishing Corp.

Customer Reviews

Princess Sable ,

The Boss Project

This story is well written although the plot is somewhat formulaic in that it pretty closely copied another book written by the same author. Even so, the characters are well-drawn and evoke in the reader the desire to find out more about each of the main individuals and to care about the outcome of their lives.

However, I found it very disconcerting to read this book as published for my iPad. The word “well” is consistently misspelled as “welp” leading me to believe that someone instructed the computer to automatically replace the word “well” with the incorrect word of “welp.” Having read many similar books on my iPad to date, and noting that grammatical errors and typos abound, I cannot but wonder whether these books are actually ever edited. Typos and errors aside, I do enjoy these stories and shall continue to read them.

bronxbookworm ,

Heart warming read.

I loved this story ! For a long time I couldn’t finish a book in it’s entirety. But this one sparked my interest so much. I hate that I don’t know what happened with Evie at her meeting with Christopher though 😢

Mmglady ,

Stubborn boss

Evie a therapist/barter who speaks her mind. Merrick a moody stock market boss. He has to hire a therapist to help his employees per the board. At first he only wants to hire her because he thinks she can’t cut it. Through their banter back and forth they realize they actually have some common ground. Merrick finds himself enjoying her company as much as he tries to deny it. They find themselves together when Merrick’s grandmother is hurt. Follow their journey to finding peace and love again.

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