The Boss's Son The Boss's Son

The Boss's Son

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This is a 3 book novella series. 18+ due to sexual situations. 

Britt woke up in Jack's glorious arms. 

Jack…whatever his last name was. She hadn't a clue who he was. Kicking her way out of the sheet, Britt got to her feet and clutched her head instantly. It pounded like an unsuccessful road construction project and her teeth hurt, actually ached from the hangover. Stumbling to the bathroom with annoyance, she drank water and took a shower and drank more water, chastising herself for letting it get this bad. 

She knew to drink water and take aspirin before bed to help curb this hideous feeling. She needed a full breakfast, something big. But she was stuck with this guy who thought it was socially acceptable to hang out after a one-night stand. Britt didn't have any experience with a one-nighter except that time in college with the one guy in her women's studies class, the one with the tattoo of a hard drive motherboard on his chest. That hadn't ended well but for sure he had at least had the courtesy to leave her dorm immediately afterward. Were they supposed to have breakfast together? Bond in some way? She had work. He had…probably the unemployment line or guitar practice or something. Mainly, she needed head-space to get ready for her day and try to forget what she'd done the night before, namely some guitarist whose last name was a mystery better left unsolved. The guy was HOT! But she knew she would never see him again. 

Or would she? 


The Boss's Son - Part 1

The Boss's Son - Part 2

The Boss's Son - Part 3

Spinoff - Marj's Story (Britt's best friend)

Accidentally Married To The Billionaire - Part 1

Accidentally Married To The Billionaire - Part 2

Accidentally Married To The Billionaire - Part 3

Spinoff - Charlie (Jack's brother)

Swept Away: Charlie's Story

Breathless: Charlie's Story

Safe in His Arms: Charlie's Story 

June 10
Dark Shadows Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

2kasmom ,

What if you met the one?

Britt met Jack at a restaurant when she got dumped by a cheating boyfriend. He was hot, funny, interested in her and wants more. Britt is just afraid to take more since she spent 6 months with the wrong man. Can Jack change her mind?

Britt loses the skeevy boss she has to retirement, only to gain a new boss she can respect. Only one catch here - his son is Jack! Jack the amazing one night stand she thought she could put behind her. Well, she was trying to anyway.

Jack does not understand why she is pushing him away when the chemistry between them is explosive! They clicked so fast. Both in bed and out. Now they occasionally work together and she is grabbing the excuse to keep him in the distance.

Britt is torn since he has made her feel beautiful and all sorts of things she never had before. Jack is really the most amazing man. She comes with a lot of hangups. Can they work it out before it's too late?

I found this book to be a quick and satisfying read that left me wanting more. It was such a well thought out plot. I would only change one thing if I could, and that is that Britt would not wait so long to claim Jack!

***This ARC copy was given for review purposes only.

Maggie Ann 14 ,

So much fun in this read.

It kept me laughing

Content33 ,

The Boss’s Son meh

Sierra Rose is a really good writer so I expected better. The writer is below her regular standards in this book.

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